Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Verdict of my intensive blackheads/oil sebum treatment

Almost 3 weeks ago, I started an intensive regime of treating blackheads/oil sebum in the pores around my nose area. Detailed information of the products itself can be located in my earlier blog entry here.

As a quick recap, I used 3 products in this following order:

After cleansing -> toner -> Dr. Wu Serum -> Synergie exfoliating serum -> Botani Olive skin serum squalene

I have been using this treatment every other day and 3 weeks have passed and here's the result so far:

Notice how the acne scars on my cheeks have faded?

Now, moving on to my nose area:

Pore size have siginificantly reduced, and so as the amount of noticeable blackheads. Since pore size diminishes, I can apply less foundation to cover them up! Yippee!

Does these product work? I think so, though it require loads of work and persistence, I think it's worth it. The Synergie exfoliating serum has a mere 10ml fluids in it, but I manage to use less than half a drop with each application. I think this can last for at least 6 months, so overall a great investment!


Jie Jie said...

wow.. the acne scar has the most significant improvement!! I wonder whether synergie exfoliating serum is available in Singapore..

Cutie Fishball said...

It's hard to notice the difference on my nose, but the exfoliating serum does a very good job on my nose too.

I have tested it by using nose strips and the amount of blackheads coming out is A LOT less these days..

I am not sure if Synergie is available in Singapore, but regardless, there is always the internet!

Do you understand Cantonese? I can show you a youtube video and a site where you can order online (nope, I am not affiliated with that brand! It's just a good product that I recommend!)

Jie Jie said...

ya.. talking about nose strips, please cut down on nose strips as I found that it will make the pores larger (based on my experience :(..)

Yes, I understand Cantonese as I watched TVB since primary school :D

Cutie Fishball said...

Yes I know nose strips aren't good but I am using it to test the effectiveness of the amount of blackheads before and after.... that's the easiest way to tell.

Ok I will refrain from using them!!!

I will send u an email with the details :)

grizz said...

Hi, The scar improved from the Botani or synergie? I use the botani squalene, its taken 3-4 months of daily use for my scars to lighten.

Cutie Fishball said...

Hi grizz! I think it's more because of Synergie. It has whitening properties. I didn't notice much scar lightening when using Botani alone...

grizz said...

Do you think its worth a try of the Synergie exfoliating serum for blackheads? Here in Australia only sells the 30ml.

Cutie Fishball said...

Hi Grizz!

I think when I asked my friend to get Synergie, the seller has the small version 10ml (mine) and the regular version 30ml.

But in reality you dont need a lot, not even half a drop to apply to the nose and other scarred areas. So till now I am not even 1/5 done with my bottle of 10ml. A little goes a long way.

And plus, you use it every other day!

Can you see if you can get a smaller size, or find a friend that would want to share half the bottle with you if you want to try? Or try looking for a sample first before you get the full size?