Saturday, March 5, 2011

Queen of Ice

Yes, we are still having some snow and ice here and it's already March!

But back to the point of this blog entry. The above shown is my Queen of Ice choker necklace. This choker measures 15" with a 1.5" extender at the back.

Inspired by the snow and ice here, I remembered the Ice Queen from fairy tales, hence I created this piece with countless Swarovski crystals and lustrous white Keishi pearls.

A earlier version of this design came from a bracelet I made earlier:

And another version in pink, with a peach colored Keishi pearls:

The 2 bracelets are now sold at the consignment store. Yes, I have a consignment going on with a local jewelry store in Boston (actually the store where we did our custom made engagement ring, ADCO diamonds).

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Jie Jie said...

wow.. so amazed by your creativity :) so much are you selling it for?