Tuesday, March 15, 2011

An update from Hana-chan

As I woke up today, Japan's nuclear contamination problem is still ongoing, and yet there is another earthquake in Shizuoka prefecture. Things are looking pretty grim and to be honest it has been affecting my mood the past few days.

I received a little update email that Hana sent me during my night time. Basically things aren't not doing quite well in Tokyo, along with the fear of blackouts and refuge from nuclear radiation. These are just like scene you would imagine from sci-fi movies like "The Day after Tomorrow" or "Ammadegon"

Here's her email to me:

Hi O-san :)

I write you form my iPhone.

Today and yesterday, it was not cutted power at my place.
Though we family made preparations...
It will start tomorrow morining here. But I don't yet know when it begins

And it is the trouble situation that the nuclear power station
explosion and a fire.
If the meltdown begins, we must take refuge to west Japan.
Tokyo Electric Power Co. saying is not correct, and soooo late.
Naoto Kan Minister criticized strongly that in this morning.
They use many technical terms at the press conference and talk in a
subdued voice.
We nation can't understand what they say.

I'm afraid that people of Kanto are exposed to radiation.
Now the TV news says that a little radiation was detected in Kanto.
Wind carried a radiation of Fukushima to our place.
The specialist in radioactivity says that It is NOT have any problem,
but I don't believe that...
Some my friends go out for work today...

This is big news foreign media, but Japanese news are regulated.
The announcement of the government is little information because the
government wants to minimise panic.
But various rumors spread and the nation feels uneasiness .

I found this blog of Japanese.
He says that foreign medea has important information.

We are asked to reduce consumption of electricity.
It seems to continue for 1 or 2 months.
Therefore, I cut the time I spend using my PC.

the earthquake, electricity, the nuclear power station...
These change intensely every day.
I'll send you email my situation tomorrow.

But I'm always fine.
I'm with my parents.
Don't worry and sleep well today, O-san :)

with thanks,


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