Tuesday, March 22, 2011

EOTD - Kanebo Lunasol Ocean Scene Eyes 04 Smoky Ocean -Swatches and Reviews

Of one of the recent hauls is this gorgeous Lunasol Ocean Scene Eyes quad palette in 04 color, Smoky Ocean. Lunasol is a makeup line by maker Kanebo and they are sold exclusively in Japanese department store counters (yep, no Matsu-Kiyo drugstore deals/coupons for this brand, sadly). This is priced around the Jill Stuart eyeshadow palettes, so it has a mid range price tag to it (I paid close to $60usd for this palette)

While the Ocean Scene Eyes comes with a range of vivid blue colors appropriate for spring time, I picked out the most neutral palette out of the 5 colors available. With more expensive eyeshadow quads, I usually like to get neutral colors because I want to get the most everyday wear out of it, rather than a dramatic colorful look that I may only wear once or twice during the year.

04 Smoky Ocean is composed of cool gray neutrals, my description of the four shades are golden beige (top left) ,baby blue/ice blue (top right), light taupe-ish tan/beige (bottom left), dark cool toned charcoal (bottom right)

Swatches on my hand:

Under direct sunlight
Under indoor lighting

As you can see, the light beige and light blue are very similar when swatched on the hands, it only has a very very subtle difference. In terms of the texture when I swatched the colors, I absolutely love it. It glides on smooth, silky and creamy, and even more so than my Jill Stuart palettes. There are no noticeable fall-outs and the color are easily blendable. I love the texture, but not the price, lol!!!

The casing for the palette is within a sleek bronzed colored compact that has a rather modern feel to it. It's very different from the fancy princessy cases I owned for Jill Stuart. The only complain I have is the fingerprints all over the shiny surface... but that's about it.

Now, moving on to the EOTD, under direct sunlight:

And under indoor lighting, which shows the shimmers of the eyeshadow clearly:

Overall this is a very nice palette with great texture, and the color 04 is perfect for a everyday professional look. It's a cool gray neutral palette that is quite different from other warm brown neutral palettes that I own. It's nice to have a change sometimes, right?

If budget allows, I would like to try other palettes with a different color range from Lunasol some other time. (well, been hauling too much and I gotta learn to limit my spending!)

And along with this Lunasol palette, I have also acquired Visee's Glam Shade Eyes in GY-6 (gray tone) which I will be reviewing and comparing with Lunasol shortly. Stay tuned!


Jie Jie said...

This is a must have eyeshadow palette for me:D I will post mine next week after my pay day.

Cutie Fishball said...

I think we have similar tastes so when I post this I was thinking, em, maybe Jie Jie has the same palette!!

I thought you are saving up for the trip?

I find this palette very good for a tone down eye make up as my hubby likes a natural nude look on me... haha!!

Pay day next week already? Time flies....

Jie Jie said...

yup.. there are so many temptations. I need to prioritize and save some $$ for makeup:)

Cutie Fishball said...

Jie Jie, check out the new post I just posted, it maybe a good substitute for this Lunasol palette!