Monday, March 21, 2011

A little update from Hana-chan

I got more news from dear Hana-chan. Monday is a public holiday in Japan, but poor Hana brought work home to work on to make up for time lost during the rolling black out. I know it's very frustrating not to be able to control your own time, but at the same time, I find Japanese's way of following rules and their patience very admirable (Hana-chan even said she is proud of this as a Japanese!)

Let's read on:

Dear: O-san(^-^)/

Thank you for your quick reply.

In time except a rolling blackout, we save electricity voluntarily.
But it's not so cold. We are all right, thanks (^o^)

I watched TV news, nuclear disaster level has been raised to level 5.
My favorite blogger said "level 5 * 3 + level 3 * 2 = level 21"!!!
The US government advise for a evacuation zone within a 80km radius....
I heard that yesterday, because all the foreigners of my mom's office
went back to their own country.

Fukushima nuclear power station seem to have calmed down.
Members of Self-Defense Force and the people of the Tokyo Fire Board
work at the risk of life at a dangerous place.
It's reported that there was not enough explanation to them first, but
now they carry out a cooling activity in response to right explanation
regret time to go to bed.
I really respect them.
Many employees of Tokyo Electric Power Co. stay in the spot.
But their boss and the people of Nuclear and Industrial Safety
Agency(原子力保安院) escaped from this spot.
I understood the reason why we nation can't get right informations
about nuclear power station quickly.
Because they do the press conference about that separately three
places, in government, Tokyo Electric Power Co., and Industrial Safety
The contents are incoherent, in rotation of the responsibility.
Nobody will take responsibility even if radioactive material leaks.

I went to my office yesterday.
Because a blackout was canceled, trains were running. but these were
usual half.
I read the book before said that in this way.
"It is rare that a Japanese train is delayed more than one minute by
departure time.
If trains are delayed more than three minutes, the commuters are
irritated and the railroad company says the apology.
There is not the country where trains depart according to a time
schedule like Japan else.
It is very splendid, but is funny".
I think this is true.
I usually get on a crowded train every morning, departing on schedule
about every five minutes.
The stations are terrible congestion everyday for one week, because
trains don't on schedule run by a rolling blackout.
There are many commuters who was not able to go to work weekdays,
going to their office on holiday.
For this one week, Japanese office workers in Tokyo spent much time
for commuting and they left house early in the morning on a weekday.
For better or worse, Japanese people are really earnest.
My friend broke a foot the other day.
Beause she continued being stepped on her foot on a crowded train... I
feel sorry...
Japanese always follow rules. I'm proud of that.
But there is some riot happens. Many calm people hold it.
And for rules are severe, need many procedures to go to help to the
stricken area.
In this emergency! I think it's NOT good.

I took many documents from my office yesterday.
My company is small, so not strict with personal information management.
It's a problem. But we gave priority to that working in each house now.
It's a holiday tomorrow, the Vernal Equinox Day.
But I will work in my house from tomorrow.

The Japanese government and Tokyo Electric Power Co.,
they don't yet decide till when they continue a rolling blackout.
They planned the end of April at first, but until the end of June, or
until summer... there seem to be various opinions.
We will be tired very much if a rolling blackout continues in the long term.
May not we use the air-conditioner in hot summer?
Of course I can endure that for a victim.
Because the people of we Tokyo and Saitama are endowed very much.
But I'm worried about people who living in life with medical
equipment, and the family, the elderly.

I watched news of the panic of China and Korea, too.
These two countries are in the near place from Japan.
I think it's ineluctable.
Because we are not able to get right information, so various
suppositions spread.

About shops are not having an article,
someone says it's the reason that companies provides articles for the
stricken area.
someone believes a rumor to come a big aftershock within a few days,
and are buying a lot of foods.
someone planned spending several weeks in a house from a rumor that
radioactive material will leak.
someone says they buy many articles to send victims.
In addition, the email and the tweet are spread out about "the
preparation for the earthquake" in the whole country just after an
The contents are "escape with them when big earthquake came", and
important articles were made a list.
It was a goodwill. It may not be chain email.
But those articles disappeared from the shop because many nations went
to buy them.
It followed it was bad.
And the people who experienced a big earthquake says that "it's
difficult to escape with them when an earthquake really came".

I talk about the support.
As for this earthquake, a scale of the damage is big. I heard that
it's north and south 500km.
And the rescue team has a hard time.
We Japanese wants to help victims, but it's said that's a nuisance
that an individual goes to the stricken area and to send relief goods
for victims.
It's pointed out by many expert of support.
So many people worry.
But if a few days more pass and many problems are settled, we will
have volunteer activity.
As you say, the victims want relief goods now, not money.
However the relief goods which are necessary for them will change EVERYDAY.
So we control the feeling that wants to move for them, and do a
possible thing now like a donation.
As for "the patience is the support".
The donation isn't a bad thing because will be necessary for their
revival later.
I read too that when we denote the victim, most $$ or \\ goes to
But there is no other way else now.
The people of other countries send many messages and many donations for Japan.
We Japanese thanks world people heartily.

Finally, I'm honored to show my email your blog.
It's no problem.
(But please ask me if you don't understand my words because my English
is terrible)

I'm very glad you sell your 大切な cosmetics for help.
Thank you so much. どうも ありがとう。
I will tell your love to Japanese people!

And please tell the people of Hong Kong about right information so
that your mom doesn't buy expensive salt.

with BIG thanks,

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