Thursday, March 3, 2011

Physicians Formula deal @ CVS

This week at CVS (week ending Saturday,  March 5) you will get $7 Extra Care Bucks back of a purchase of $10 Physician's Formula.

My dear blogger friend in Japan would like to try out Physician's Formula as this brand is not available in her county and I heard raves about this Happy Booster blush, why not give it a try and make myself a little happier?

This is how the deal works.

First, purchase the first Happy Booster blush at its regular price, at $11.99+ tax in CVS.

Then you will get this at the end of your receipt:

In my case, I got this extra offer, $3 off a $15 purchase:

The deal will be sweeter if you can find manufacturer's coupon peelies around the Physician's Formula shelf area, which looks like this:

Now, grab 2 Happy Booster blushes and back to the check out. Your total will be:

$11.99*2 - $3 of $15 - $7 Extra Bucks - $3*2 manufacturer's coupon = $ 7.98 +tax

Average out the 3 blushes you bought, each blush cost $6.65. The deal would have been sweeter if there is a buy one get one free/50% off offer, but not too bad!

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Jie Jie said...

The product is so cute ♡, is it pigmented?