Monday, September 2, 2013

So Lonely in Gorgeous is having a huge giveaway...

So please drop by her blog to participate....

And her prizes consist of wonderful hard to get Japanese department store brand goodies:

2 Addiction Eye Shadows (your choice).

2 Addiction Cheek Sticks (your choice).

2 THREE Flash Performance Eyeliner Pencils (your choice).

2 Laduree Pressed Cheek Color (your choice).

(and you know you cannot resist Addiction, THREE, and Laduree!!!)

All beauty addicts, you need to go over there now!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

SUQQU 2013 Fall A/W collection

Today my usual source, Tiziana, has updated me with the list of SUQQU 2013 Fall products.

The collection is as follow:

Blend Color Eyeshadow EX-15(sub)                  Bordeux x Green

Blend Color Eyeshadow EX-16(main)                Brown x Pink

Blend Color Eyeshadow EX-17                         Blue Green x Purple

Face Color Palette EX-03                                Pale Pink

Creamy Glow Lipstick Moist EX-11                  Coral Pink

Creamy Glow Lipstick Moist EX-12(sub)          Pink Brown

Creamy Glow Lipstick Moist EX-13(main)         Red

Bright Up Lipstick EX-01                                 Coral Orange

Nail Color R EX-03                                         Wine Red

Nail Color R EX-04                                         Purple

It seems like SUQQU is coming up with some interesting color combination like purples, blues and greens! And all of the above are limited edition, as suggested with their "EX" prefix.

I do not have the images with this extension collection but Tiziana told me she would send me the images once she receive them from the corporate office, so girls/guys, stay tuned!

[Update 06.06.13]

Image credit: Maquia
Image credit: Frau
Rougedeluxe has updated her blog with visual ads for this 2013 Fall release on「和の美」(Japanese Beauty). Please check out this link for her post on the visual!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Vidi Vici Eyeshadow Shimmer Cream Texture 02 Glam Bisque and Pearly Texture 223 Dark Chocolate

Quite sometime ago,  I have ordered Vidi Vici directly from Korea (link here) because I have seen Beauty QQ raved about it on her youtube channel.

I have lemmings over the lunchbox duo case after seeing it on Beauty QQ's video, thinking it is so sleek and compact, so I have ordered the shimmer cream texture eyeshadow in 02 Glam Bisque and pearly texture eyeshadow in 223 Dark Chocolate.

However 02 Glam Bisque was back ordered. Initially I was told that it will take a few weeks for me to receive it, but weeks turned into months. It was not until recently that Vidi Vici Korea has informed me that they have received the shipment from their Japanese manufacturer (yay, after so many months!!)

So viola, here it is!

Vidi Vici's single eyeshadow came in as a refill like packaging inside a clear plastic resealable bag and a plastic case (similar to that of the older Shu Uemura's single eyeshadow packaging)

02 Glam Bisque is Made in Japan while 223 Dark Chocolate is Made in Korea. Interesting that in the same line of eyeshadow from the same brand, they are made in different countries.

packaging for shimmer cream texture eyeshadow in 02 Glam Bisque

Eye Shadow Shimmer Cream Texture 2g
Gives your eyes a chic and luxurious look through the infusion of fine shimmer and sparkle.
Has a creamy texture even though it's a powder.
Its soft-blended formula goes onto your skin softly, leaving it looking velvety smooth.
02 Glam Bisque is a lovely champagne based shimmery color that is perfect for the center of the eyelids for a pop of glitter and 3D look on the eyes. The silver and champagne glitter is extremely fine and there isn't any fall out (unlike other eyeshadows I own where the glitter will fall everywhere!

packaging for pearly texture eyeshadow in 223 dark chocolate

Eye Shadow Pearly Texture 2.5g 
Provides a tonal effect from color that is barely there to color with intense, bright drama. 
Provides even color distribution and is easy to blend.
Offered in a multitude of stunning colors and shades.
223 Dark Chocolate is a color just like its name. It has minimal pink and bronze glitters (very subtle) that is hardly noticeable, and the chocolate color is a warm kind of brown that is very pigmented, and the color you saw on my hand is only 1 swatch.

Take a look at the single eyeshadows in their pans!

Image taken at a different angle to show the micro-fine shimmers:

The base of the luncbox duo has a small magnet to snap the back of the metal pan of the single eyeshadows so they stay nice and tight there, without the use of any glue or such (the glue that some singles came with can be quite messy to deal with!!!):

back of the pan has a circle to indicate where it snaps with the case

the circle in the center of the empty case is the magnet that hold it together
both pans are securely held down by the magnet, no wiggling movement!

It’s a heavy weight(hefty!!) and solid palette. I highly recommend it if you ever get the chance to own one, it feels more substantial than the Dior Blue Tie palette.

You also get a little mirror under each lid! It's a rather brilliant design because each compartment is separate (with its own lid and mirror) which means if you did choose to mix cream with powder products, they would be completely separated so there is no issue with the mixing of products!

There is even a compartment for putting is eyeshadow applicators (or Q-tip/toothpick as Beauty QQ suggested in her videos):

The only downside is with a 4 pan, its weighty and quite big. If I really wanted to carry it around, I would, but it’s not as lightweight as a regular palette to carry around. Shiny palettes is almost like a mirror in itself, though, remember, always get grease/fingerprint marks on them easily.
A single swipe on my fingers. These eyeshadows are one of the higher quality eyeshadows I have ever experienced (basically I cannot find a word to describe this heavenly feeling), finely milled and creamy (hence their name shimmer cream texture!) There is no chalkiness and no fall out whatsoever!

It does look chalky in the picture but when applying to my skin, texture is like whipped cream and feels very luxurious to touch. Absolutely no fall out. It's a different kind of luxurious feeling to touch it, compared to SUQQU, both are very very high quality eyeshadow products!

Swatches at the back of my hand, very pigmented and the shimmers are very fine and pretty. 

under sun

under shade, slightly blurred to show the shimmers in 02 Glam Bisque
with flash

Overall, I am very happy with my Vidi Vici experience. I will definitely pick up more colors as these 2 colors totally wowed me. I am looking into getting 3 of their other eyeshadow series in classic texture, sparkly texture, and jewel texture...  but since it’s not cheap (I think the eyeshadows are $30USD each) it won’t be for a while!

What do you think of these shadows?