Thursday, March 10, 2011

A baby boy's first present^^

Since the second half of 2010, I have been receiving news of friends expecting, and yes, a good handful of them... I guess to many of them, it's about time to start a family??

Back to the point. A friend of mine got married in Thailand back in 2009 and they are expecting their first born in early March. At first I have wanted to get them something special, like the silver rattle from Tiffany, however, I was told that T&Co. discontinued the rattle already... 

Oh no, what kind of a special baby gift can I come up with? I don't want to come up with a diaper cake, or clothes that the baby will outgrow soon... I want to get something sentimental so when the baby grows up, he has something to look back to...

So when I ordered my beauty package from Nana, I have asked her to go to jewelry stores in Hong Kong and get me a golden lock. Unlike gold in the US, chinese gold is 24-Karat, it's purer and have a more yellowish tone than the common 18K in the US.

What's a golden lock? In Chinese, it's called 長命瑣, which can be roughly translated into "longevity lock." It's a tradition in Chinese to give a longevity lock to a new born to protect him/her from harm and pass on blessings from the gifter.

On the front of the lock, 出入平安, meaning "safety," is inscribed:

On the back, 聰明伶俐, meaning "smart and witty," is inscribed:

The mini Chinese lock is quite cute and the craftsmanship is superb. (haha, I love cute things and I must admit that this golden lock definitely grabbed my attention...)

Finally, does anyone want to know who the baby boy is?

Meet Patrick!!