Monday, March 28, 2011

Wedding Mascots^^

Eversince I went back to Hong Kong in mid-April last year, I have been looking for my dream wedding mascots for our big day on May 8th, 2010. I have been to shopping centers specializes in wedding accessories, and not only the pricing shocked me, but more importantly, I cannot settle on a pair of wedding dolls that best represent us. So in the end, in about 1 week to our wedding, I decided to MAKE MY OWN wedding mascots!!!

First of all, I will need an idea for the dolls I am going to make. So I roughly sketch out the templates for the dolls, and with this blog article, I will use Mascot Groom as my example.
After cutting out the fabric parts for the doll, I get started with the head, and I stuffed a little AAA grade cotton into the head for a preview.

Then it's the body part, haha Mascot now looks like a little monk from Shaolin.

Signature of the real Groom, a spiky hair is attached to the doll.

After stuffing the body and stitching down the spiky hair to the head, I started on the outfit process. I began with making the bow-tie. The Sumo outfit is just for fun, well, we didn't want to see Mascot Groom lying around naked!!!!

Mascot Groom's tuxedo outfit. This part is harder than the making of the doll in my opinion.

Unfortunately, I ran out of time before the big day. I was able to complete only the pants and bow-tie of Mascot Groom, and 90% of Mascot Bride's costume so the set was not fully completed. 
[Note: Mascot Bride's gown was modeled after my first fitting of my actual wedding gown, inspired by Vera Wang's "Bouquet" Wedding gown]

Thanks to my mom, she quickly did a fix up so Mascot Groom will not look as naked.

After the banquet, I had more time in completing Mascot Groom's suit before heading back to the US. And over the weekend, since the weather has been so nice, we headed out to the beach and staged the wedding mascots for photographing:


Jie Jie said...

Aww.. so sweet >.<... I like that part that when the groom is wearing the sumo underwear :)

Cutie Fishball said...

Jie Jie- That was a temporary measure... Since it was a bit "too graphic" to see him naked around the house, haha!