Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Starring with Fuz!

[Note: Fuz is going to talk about my craft gifts to her on 04:42 and thereafter]


I wasn't expecting Fuzkittie to mention me in her videos! I am so proud of my "little Fuz" phone case that I made for her!

For those that aren't sure what I was referring to, here's the link about a craft project I did 2 weeks ago for youtube makeup guru Fuzkittie^^

Honestly, I am overwhelmed. I wasn't expecting my little craft projects will show up in her channel! I mean, I am already flattered that she mentioned about me in her facebook note, and I was simply glad that someone will appreciate my skills. You wouldn't believe I had people trashing my hardwork and efforts in my previous job...

Anyways, I am happy she love the case I made her. And I am also happy she love the earrings I sent her too :) This certainly lift my moods up a bit from the recent catastrophe in Japan.

And by the way, it was White Day yesterday, and I felt my package to Fuz is extra meaningful, as White Day is also another day where you show love and how much you appreciate people that you care about!


Jie Jie said...

Yes!! So sweet :) I told you that she is definitely loving it! Sooo happy for you :D

Cutie Fishball said...

I am really flattered you know, but the earrings does look good on her! and the phone case turn out cute in the video too!!!

I am really happy because someone appreciate the time and care I put into crafting. In my previous jobs, no matter how many late nights I spent, no matter how hard I try, my managers were not appreciative... So Fuz gave me a great feeling this time!!

Seeing Fuz's necklace, I want to order one too. We have something like this in the US (remember Carrie from Sex and the City?) but the styles here just suck.... I went to http://yume.com.my and saw cute little bows, crowns, etc... so cute! But I gotta figure out the overseas delivery thing...

MisoJenny said...

I want to order one too!!

Cutie Fishball said...

Jenny, what would you like to order??