Monday, June 27, 2011

RMK Powder Eyes in 01 Deep Brown

RMK was actually introduced to me not too long ago. When I first chatted with my gaming friend from Luca, I asked about her favorite eyeshadow brand and she said it's RMK.

After talking more in depth with Luca, I found the RMK eyeshadow she got was a limited edition on from the winter of 2010. She got it from the airport duty free.... great, that makes it harder for me to get!

However, after some persistant searching online high and low, I found it! The first RMK eyeshadow I got was 03 Red Brown. After using it for a few times, I like the texture and I opt for a second RMK eyeshadow in 01 Deep Brown (this is also the same color my friend owns).

RMK Brown Eyes are at 4500yen retail, but of course I got it at a far more reasonable price at about $28 :)

Instructions on how to apply this eyeshadow:

RMK's design are always sleek and nice. However, this sleek mirror design also means a lot of fingerprinting all over the case:

Actual colors of the RMK eyeshadow, which is a neutral brown color. Nothing fancy, just best for simple neutral look:

Comparing 01 Deep Brown (left) with 03 Red Brown (right). 

The swatches at the back of my hand. As Luca has told me before, RMK isn't the most pigmented eyeshadow so if you want pigmented colors, go for MAC but not RMK. The colors are quite subtle, which makes it perfect for a naked neutral look. The red brown shadow has a slightly reddish tint, as suggested by its name. Deep Brown is a tad much cooler in tone:

 I love how silky the texture is. The over the eye glitter is not glittery at all, which makes it work appropriate (Hello! Jie Jie!) 


This RMK eyeshadow is nothing fancy, just plain simple neutral browns that will work for a nice everyday neutral naked eye look!


Jie Jie said... make me wanna get RMK palette, I can't have both (either Jill Stuart or RMK >.<)

Cutie Fishball said...

I think you would like the RMK more. The works are more professional for your everyday look and it's more compact to fit in your bag :)

Jill Stuart will be too shimmery for your everyday look :)

Jie Jie said...

Indeed. How does it compare with NAKED palette?