Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hada Labo BB moist cream and BB moist emulsion

Sue Lynn had did a pretty comprehensive reviews on the various kinds of BB creams suitable for darker/yellower skin tone here.

And her review is exactly why I was prompted to get this Hada Labo BB moist cream and emulsion

As typical with other BB creams I own (such as Missha's BB cream), they tend to work on fairer skin so when I use them, they tend to give me a white ghostly cast.

This Hada Labo BB cream/emulsion comes in 2 shades, #1 Natural Beige (lighter) and #2 Natural Ochre  (Darker). The cream kind is truly in a cream form and comes with a SPF of 32 PA+++ while the emulsion kind is a little more watery and it has a metal ball inside the container to shake the contents up, and it offer a higher SPF of 50 PA+++

I got my BB moist emulsion in #1 Natural Beige from a beauty blog sale earlier and from my recent haul from Adambeauty, I lay my hands on the BB moist cream in #2 Natural Ochre.

Swatches at the back of my hand. Left: BB moist emulsion #1 Natural Beige. Right: BB moist cream #2 Natural Ochre:

Zooming in, as you can see, the emulsion is indeed more watery:

Blending it out, I love how it's darker and yellower than typical Korean BB creams!

Fully blended out. They match my skin tone pretty well and coverage is ok for its light texture. (See how the BB cream and emulsion slight hide the blood veins at the back of my hand?)

Ok, now testing on my naked face. Warning, I still have some leftover redness from my unknown allergies and breakouts from not too long ago:

Before BB cream

After BB cream
BB Emulsion applied, slightly paler for my skin tone
I am pretty sold on the coverage and how lightweight this BB cream is. Redness and pores are significantly covered up. The lightness of this BB cream make is very suitable for the muggy months of summer here!

There is not much difference between the cream and emulsion. But I do agree with Sue Lynn that the emulsion kind tends to make my t-zones a tad oiler after midday. But I use the emulsion kind sometimes because I maybe out in the sun for a longer period of time...

Overall, this BB cream is a good buy. They are currently out of stock on Adambeauty's site and I think it's probably because of the rave from Sue Lynn^^ If I am hauling again from Adambeauty again, I would probably order another back up because I love, love, love this BB cream!


Jie Jie said...

I haven't seen this BB cream at Watson store in Singapore. I think the BB cream formula has improved a lot over the years and become more natural than before (lesser white cast and more watery to achieve a flawless and natural look).

Cutie Fishball said...

actually I don't oppose to creamier texture as I think they are good for my winter time drier skin. But I do have a problem with the white cast with my slighter tanner skin, and esp in the summer.

I dont think I seem this in HK either. I think they are not widely available in Asia too.

I do agree that we have more choices on BB now than before. I did try the few BB creams that came to the market in the past few months like Dr. Jart, Boscia and Bobbi Brown.... but they arent as good as the asian one.... so Asia skincare/makeup rocks!

Jie Jie said...

Perhaps it is Asia exclusive. You tried the Boscia one? Jenny said it has shimmer in it, I don't recalled if you've talked about it.

Cutie Fishball said...

I think so, but Adambeauty has it (thought OOS now) The pricing is very reasonable too. Watsons has the other Hada Labo items but just not this one....

I tried the Boscia one in Sephora, not only it has shimmers, it's very watery and there is no coverage at all... the Muse talked about it in her blog as she reviewed it very throughly...