Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bobbi Brown Sparkle Glamour Quad *limited edition*

As promised from my Cosmetic Company store outlet haul, I am reviewing the Bobbi Brown Sparkle Glamour Quad today.

It retails for $40 on Bobbi Brown's website and I got mine for $28 (30% off) 

This quad is actually the second quad I got. The first one was sent to Momo-chan a while ago when I ordered it for her from Bobbi Brown's 20% off F&F event back in April. While the outlet is 30% off retail, the items from Bobbi Brown's website does come with a full size gel eyeliner GWP, plus the 20% off, and with cashback of 4%, so it's not really that bad to shop online sometimes!

Eversince I got Momo-chan her quad, I am debating if I should get one for myself. But now that I found it at the outlet and it's limited edition, I MUST GET IT!

See how it said, "Handmade individually in Italy" at the back? Wow, an handmade eyeshadow? That's luxurious, and they are from Italy! I like how they said, "Please handle with care" as if it is something fragile. I read online reviews that this quad tends to shatter if drop on the ground... ok, I will be careful!

Description of this quad on Bobbi Brown's website:

Limited Edition

Sparkle Glamour Quad

Like a party dress for your eyes. Sparkle Glamour Quad has a highlighter shade plus three smoldering, smoky-eye-friendly shadows, all infused with fine, light-catching glitter. Shades include: Pink Glitter Sparkle Eye Shadow, Smoky Sparkle Eye Shadow, Moonlight Sparkle Eye Shadow and Sandy Sparkle Eye Shadow.
Actual colors of the palette (according the Bobbi Brown online description):
Top row, left - right: Pink Glitter Sparkle (a light crystal pink) and Moonlight Sparkle (a light silver)
Bottom row, left - right: Sandy Sparkle (a warm golden beige) and Smokey Sparkle (a deep gray)

Swatches on the back of my hand, bottom row has the Urban Decay portion primer applied with the shadow swatches:

Definitely not seeing the pinks or silvers from these swatches as the name of the eyeshadow suggested. I call the pink more like a terracotta warm tan? The lighter shades are definitely glittery, but not as pigmented as the colors show in the palette. They dont even show up in the swatch above when not applied with the UD primer. But in reality the glitter does show up. The glitters are not chunky and actually the texture and the feel of it reminded me of the pink glitter from my Coffret D'or palette:

Both are very glittery, but perhaps the Coffret D'or one is a tad finer. Afterall it's high quality Japanese cosmetics right?

But I love sparkles. So I am fine with the light pigmentation, as I can use it for a nude look with glitters. As for the darker shades, they also resemble the eyelining browns in the Coffret D'or palette as well, but maybe not as pigmented. Perhaps that's the reason why I like this quad so much because the colors are less pigmented, and I can create a less dramatic daytime smokey look around the eyes.

Overall I am happy that I got this quad, I will be using it more often for a nude make up look for days that I am using running errands without expecting seeing anyone!


Mindy♥ said...

Ohh! What an amazing deal you scored! <3 I love the colors of the eyeshadows. Seems like colors that I would love to wear everyday! <3

MisoJenny said...

I <3 Coffret D'or!!!! <3 <3 <3 Is it because it is sparkly? XD

Cutie Fishball said...

I think you love sparkly sparkles.... check out the Bobbi Brown quad if you happen to see in the outlets... it's sparklier than coffret d'or!

Anonymous said...

I love this Coffret D'or eye palette! I have this and one of my fav! ^^

Cutie Fishball said...

Yep, I love this Coffret D'or Palette... it's so workable and I love its texture a lot!!!! (but I only got one Coffret D'or palette so i can't really compare to its other collection, heehee!)