Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mini Make Up haul

Since I did a massive Naruko haul not too long ago, I have been having this urge to haul some make up products. So I did a small scale beauty haul, by small scale, it's smaller than most beauty bloggers like MisoJenny, Fuzkittie, Sum Mei or Danica :) (Haha, what an excuse!)

First haul, my order from Adambeauty, don't you love it when you see a package in your mailbox?

This time, I order products from the maker Hada Labo. I ordered the BB moist cream (seduced by Sue Lynn's BB cream post for yellower/daker skin tone), Moist Mist, Super Hyaluronic Acid Moist Essence Ex (I love serums!!)

With my limited Japanese Katakana knowledge, I read that the BB moist cream is Paraben free. However, the other 2 items DO contain Parabens.... strange?

Second haul, my order from Imomoko finally came in!

One thing I do need to complain about Imomoko is that I placed my order on June 1st and I didn't receive my order until June 21st... and it took them 20 days to process and ship my order? That's rather slow imo!

And once I opened up the box, it's packaged with dirty newspaper.... emm, not attractive at all!

I ordered a sampler of My Beauty Diary "Blooming of Beauty" flower series masks. I have seen full sized boxes of these flower masks in my recent NYC trip but I just couldn't decide which favor to get... I guess the sampler is a good way to find out which one I like the most!

And the other item I got is the Lunasol Ocean Scene Eyes limited edition EX-01.

This Lunasol palette is raved by both Sue Lynn and Jie Jie and both of them have swatches on their blogs. I guess this Lunasol will remain in this cello-wrap for a little while because I feel like this palette is too pretty to be used.... and also I know that the pretty lettering on the eyeshadow will go away once I swatch it.... I am not sure if I will open it one day or it will remain in my collectible pile!

When I ordered this EX-01, I was debating if I want to get the blue EX-02 as well, but since blue wasn't really my color, I didn't haul EX-02 as well. But after a second thought over a week, I think I am going to get the EX-02 as well!

The 6 favors of the "Blooming of Beauty":

Third haul, well this is more like a shopping haul. One day at TJ Maxx (for those not familar with US stores, TJ Maxx is a bargain store where you can find brand name for less), I found this Versace silk scarf. I have always like scarves and I own silk scarves from Thailand and Bali when I travelled there, but I have always wanted a timeless piece. I came across this while shopping in TJ Maxx one day.

This silk scarf retails for $250. And even on this website, it's selling for $199+shipping. They do have a black and gold version on that website, but then my love said the black color is definitely an old lady piece, while the white one looks younger and matches me.

Final price? $89. Not the cheapest, but a rather good price for a branded scarf and a timeless piece! I see myself using it a lot for the years to come!


Jie Jie said...

Re: Lunasol, you better don't swatch it or open it ('cos the letters are very 'fragile').

Re: Versace Silk Scarf, this scarf is a steal at $89!

Cutie Fishball said...

so, are you suggesting me not to open it? haha then it will becoming a collector's item.. haha and I tend to do that sometimes... collecting things I dont use!

the versace scarf is a steal! And it's a classic too, perhaps it maybe a bit mature for me now, but I am sure I will be owning it for a long time and wearing it for the years to come!