Tuesday, June 21, 2011

DIY quickie grocery bag

A while ago, I have visited my local fabric store to get cloth material for blogger Jie Jie's make up pouch. I have also acquired another interesting fabric that has a Japanese flair to it (the pink and green one to the left that has patterns of a traditional paper fan).

I started out by measuring and cutting all the components out. This time I am making the yellow colored grab bag in the pattern book. I call this kind of bag a quick grocery bag where I can just put my wallet and cell phone inside and head out for a quick grocery run:

The same yellow bag is on the cover of the pattern book too:

Next is where I spend a significant amount of time doing, embroidering gold threads along the fan pattern outline of the fabric, and stitching it with a nice soft polyester filling to give body to the bag:

Even the back side is neat and tidy:

The finished product. As I don't have a sewing machine at home, this entire bag is done by my own hands. Yes, I know it takes more time, but I feel I have better control with my own hands. The pattern book's bag was a open tote bag but for security reasons, I went ahead and added a zipper in the bag :)

I added my name on the tag, somehow this reminded me of "Agnes B" logo:

This is what I mean by more control over the stitches. Notice how close I can stitch to the edge of the fabric? It's harder to do so with a sewing machine. Haha, I am proud of my needlework as they look pretty uniform and out from a sewing machine!

The inside of the bag is lined as well^^

On and off, this bag took me about 3 weeks to make. Probably I just can't devote time constantly to finish a project from start to finish...


Jie Jie said...

Excellent work and thumbs up for hand-made bag! Next project will be Jie Jie's medium size makeup pouch :p!

Cutie Fishball said...

okok, now I hear it.... so better start collecting possible patterns/size/looks for your ideal medium size makeup pouch? so are the smaller ones going to retire or something?? haha

Jie Jie said...

will email you.