Monday, June 6, 2011

Kai Ultra Absorbent Turban (Perfect Cap)

Lately I have been into properly maintaining my skin care routine, so that I can apply less foundation with a flawless face, afterall, less is more, right?

I usually like to put on sheet masks after shower, and I wash my hair everyday as well... so with wet hair it's hard to chill and relax with a mask on me. So I have been looking around for a good quick hair drying caps/towels.

I finally decided to get this one from KAI. I have read good reviews about this product online and KAI makes good quality beauty supply items so I am sure that its quality is assured.

More information around the packaging:

I purchased my Perfect Cap from

Description from

Kai Ultra Absorbent Turban (Perfect Cap) is made of micro-fiber textile. With more and denser intervals in between, it absorbs water more quickly and effectively.

Dampened hair is so delicate that it may be damaged as rubbed by towel or under hair dryer, resulting in dull, rough and rigid hair.

Kai Ultra Absorbent Turban not only dries up the wet hair, but also wraps your fringe so that you can put on makeup and dress up more easily.

how to use it
Put the turban around the neck. Slip towards your forehead and bind your fringe and hair.

Actual image of the Perfect Cap:

This is shaped like a cap so all you will need is to put this on your head and make sure all your hair is properly stuffed inside. I usually just tilt my head to the front and quickly wrap it over my head and so far it has been working well for me. Perhaps I have very thin hair so all of my hair fit inside the cap.  This cap is soft and flexible and it will stay on my head no matter what I am doing, which is chilling with my facial masks! (Also works when you are putting on make up too!)

Close up of the microfiber material:

I have own towel that is made of a similar microfiber fabric before. And I learnt my lesson, so when you wash this, make sure not to use fabric softener, and it is best washed by hand in lukewarm water of  30°C with mild soap.
This really speeds up the drying of my hear therefore the cap will be completely drenched after removal so I wash it very often or dry it on the heating.


Jie Jie said...

me too^^ I wash my hair everyday without fail (even when I was in NZ during winter time). Is it really fast drying without leaving a funny smell on hair?

Cutie Fishball said...

funny smell on the hair! I know what you mean!!!!! That means your towels are not throughly dry! I have that issue when I am in HK... and I am used to washing my hair everyday too!!!

Sometimes I go back to my ionic hair dryer, set on cool temperature :)

But this product is quite amazing, however you need it clean and dry throughly if you want to prevent that funny old guy's hair smell!