Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Momo-chan's live report in Umeda! SUQQU limited edition Face Color Palette EX01

Momo-chan is my lovely friend from Nara, Japan. Since a few of my beauty pals in Singapore (Elaine and Jie Jie) and Malaysia (Sue Lynn) has asked her to custom purchase several exclusive make up brands or limited edition only sold in Japan, she headed to Umeda the past weekend to pick up a few items for us!

During her few hours in Uemda (near Osaka), she constantly updated me with sha-mails (emails with photo attachments). Because of the time zone difference, I basically stayed up all night to catch up with her. But it's ok I am having so much fun as her constant coming sha-mails made me feel like I am shopping with her physically!!!

So this post will be dedicated to her live report on past Saturday, and be warned, it's picture heavy!

1st Stop: Hankyu Department store in Umeda

First, she headed to the SUQQU counter and grabbed the limited edition Face Color Palette EX01, 7350yen. Rouge Deluxe has a post here and SUQQU's official website here.

I was trying to look online high and low for their swatches before hand but this is a new item and it is scheduled for sale in all SUQQU counters on September 2nd, swatches are almost impossible to get (come on, for a almost $100 blush, I need to be more careful on its color, right?). Hankyu department store had an early launch on August 17th, with a limit of 30 sets of these palettes for sale according to their website. My buddy, Jie Jie, and I are 2 of the lucky ones during Momo's shopping visit.

However, the best online picture I got from Japanese search engine is this:

Woot! I am excited! The colors look very sophisticated and I see great potentials with a face contour and highlighter! A very versatile face palette! And it comes with 2 blushers too!!! Very thoughtful!

Then when Momo-chan arrived, she confirmed with me if this is the palette:

Bingo! But I am still worried about the color of the blusher so I asked her for a swatch:

I see the second strip will add fine shimmers to the blusher (depending if you swipe your brush on it) but I am fine with it. I am very excited with this blush color because usually my blushers are more warm-toned peach color and this one color will be something new to me. In for 2 for Jie Jie and me!

Sue Lynn also wanted 2 of SUQQU's eyeshadows, but was unable to find good swatches of 07 Komorebi. Momo-chan sent over some sha-mail to us:

Unfortunately the limited edition GWP (a blue passport wallet) was all gone even with a massive purchase. 

下記期間中、SUQQU 秋の新色(全7品)※1 を含む税込 26,250円以上お買い上げの方に、「SUQQU オリジナル マルチケース」を差し上げます。

ブレンドカラー アイシャドウ 07 KOMOREBI 木漏日【新色】、08 MIZUAOI 水葵【新色】、EX-04 TOUKAEDE 唐楓【限定新色】
フェイス カラー パレット<ブラシ付>  EX-01【限定新色】
クリーミィ グロウ リップスティック モイスト EX-01 SANGOIRO 珊瑚色【限定新色】、EX-02 HIMEHAGICHA 姫萩茶【限定新色】、EX-03 USUBENI 淡紅【限定新色】

I believe the requirements for this GWP was to purchase one of the Fall limited edition item and a purchase over 26,250yen. Then Momo-chan asked the BA for some samples instead. But she said it was unsuccessful because they are reluctant to give out more samples. Momo-chan said she doesn't understand why they can be that stingy and I replied to her in the US samples are a must as they want us to come back over and over.... Maybe it's just the SUQQU people that are a bit snobbish?

Then, Momo-chan headed off to ADDICTION counter.

Elaine and her beauty pals in Singapore has requested an ADDICTION haul for a few of their eyeshadows. I have asked Momo-chan to get me one stick cheek and one blusher last time so I have skipped this time (Still consolidating for a combined shipping! Haha!) Elaine wanted to see a few more swatches and I have e-mail Momo-chan the list and she came back with this sha-mail:

Top, Blushes, L to R:  Emotional, Romantic
Bottom, Eyeshadows, L to R: Missa (M), Horizon (P), Blue Moon (P), Pink Python (P)

Eyeshadow in Keshi (P)

Complete list of Addiction eyeshadow and blushers:

Then Momo-chan went to have lunch (Tonkatsu) with her family and in the family she started shopping again with....

2nd Stop: Sanrio Store

Momo-chan was able to find some very cute items that are hard to come by in the US. I was so tempted to ask her to bring the entire Sanrio Store to me!!!

First so spotted these:

I spotted the Hello Kitty version of Tsubaki hair oil on the far left. I have been using Tsubaki hair oil over the winter months, and a little goes a long way.... so one day when finished mine, I will definitely ask Momo-chan to get me the hello kitty version!

For the facial wash, from left to right, the white tube with pink ribbon is for peeling wash, pink tube is for collagen wash, blue tube is for acne wash, and the white tube with red ribbon is just regular cleansing wash. I asked for the collagen. Who would say no to collagen? They are 589yen each.

She saw some pretty Hello Kitty dolls in kimono outfits:

Then she headed off to the stationary section. First off, plastic files!

See how cute the Hello Kitty cookie file is? There is even a calorie count too... haha, Japanese are too calorie-conscious! I asked has to get the Kitty one for me!

More Melody files:

Cinamonroll, so sexy:

Next, lunch box section:

Next, Momo-chan headed off to check out some memo pads and letter set, such a huge collection!!


Letter sets:

I ended up asking Momo-chan to get these 2 sets:

3rd Stop: Sony Plaza

Elaine told me about Love clover and this brand is exclusive in Japan. I haven't seen it sold elsewhere on the web and I have been curious to try their pressed powder (while Elaine want to try their blushers on the top shelf!) So Momo-chan stopped by Sony Plaza to check out their pressed powders for me.

Love clover display:

I asked her that I want a pressed powder that has good pore coverage and oil control when doing touch ups. She narrowed down into this square compact:

According to Sony Plaza's website, this is their  product description.

Pretty amazing poe coverage huh?

From left to right: 
#3091: Natural clear
#3092: Light Ochre
#3093: Natural Ochre

Momo-chan thinks if I want a matte finish, I should go with #3093 Natural Ochre. Her swatch of Natural Ochre over her very fair skin:

But I fancy the shimmers in the #3091 Natural clear:

You can see very fine shimmers in her swatch:

So in the end, I got the #3091 Natural clear. And that concludes her shopping day in Umeda, and she said her kids are getting tired at this point and heading back home (so she skipped the Matsu-Kiyo drugstore stop, for next time!)

And by then it's already 7am here, so I pull an all-nighter to do a virtual shopping for her. It was tiring but FUN! I will do it again if she is going to Umeda again!

Let me know if this kind of shopping post interests anyone of you, if so, I will continue to do more!


elainie said...

Thanks for this post XD
Loving all R’s photos on the Sanrio stuff.. *kawaii…
I can’t wait to get my package ;P

Anonymous said...

This is a very exciting and interesting post! I was hoping to scroll down & down for long as I read along! It's never enough :P. Love the kawaii stationery items! :)

Cutie Fishball said...

@Elaine: I think this is a nice post to organize Momo-chan's shopping trip... though to stay up all night is kind of though for me! And I really love the cute kitty stationary too!

When are you planning to have her send out your CP?

@Trinketslove: I think in the future I will do more shopping posts from Momo-chan's "adventures!" Because shopping in Japan is so fun and we get to see some items that we never see in the US!!! And her swatches are helpful too!!!

Anonymous said...

Yupz... How we wish we can be there in person to shop! There are surely much more interesting stuff to check out! :)

Cutie Fishball said...

@Trinketslove - in that case 6 hrs in not enough, maybe more like 6 days???

Jie Jie said...

Thanks for featuring the 'live' shopping report from Japan!! Love the post! Yay for being able to get SUQQU :)

Btw, I didn't know that you like Hello Kitty?