Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I am still around!

I am still alive! I haven't forgotten about this blog!

Sorry I haven't been able to do much updates with my blog lately. I just wrap up with a crazy deadline and my boss flew to China for a presentation of a project that I have been working on intensively the past 2 weeks...

Intensively meaning 80+ hours a week... not much sleep and my biological clock is all messed up!!

And you don't want to know how pissed off I got during the crunch time...

Anyways, to reward my hard work, my love got a little something...

*Drum roll* plzzzz~

It's La Mer!

But of course, everything has to pass under the strict scrutiny of the Queen of the Deals, aka, fishball!

Saks Fifth Avenue had a set of GWP for a $300 La Mer purchase that includes a sample sized La Mer creme, eye cream, serum, and facial wash.

I had my eyes set on a value set in Saks but as I was checking out, I was told that the GWP is sold out.


But I won't give up. 

After searching a few more deparment store, I landed on Bergdorf Goodman:

Basically the same set with the exception there is a free pouch and they are giving away a body cream instead of a facial wash.

However, Bergdorf Goodman doesn't carry any La Mer value sets, so I need to buy indivdual items.

But I also realized that since our state doesn't have  Bergdorf Goodman store, my order will qualify as tax free!

Plus I dig out a free shipping code too!

And I notice they are doing a beauty promo event, spend $500 and get $75 free. I had a hard time deciding what other La Mer products I want other than an eye cream and signature creme de La Mer (since the GWP has it all) I landed on a Chanel foundation and eyeshadow.

I would have spend about the same price with Saks, but now I save on taxes and shipping, plus getting 2 Chanel items... emmm, did I score a deal here?


Mindy♥ said...

Oooh you deserve the treats you purchased!! :) Can't wait to hear more about them when you receive them!

Jie Jie said...

You're indeed a Queen of the deals :) Please share with us more..

Cutie Fishball said...

Mindy- If I can choose, I rather not go through a hetic deadline.... sleep and rest is the best remedy to a beautiful skin!

Jie Jie- Am I a Queen of the deals? Wah calls me this too... but that's quite a splurge.... emmm, let's see!