Friday, September 16, 2011

Mini Lunasol Haul - Water Gel Foundation & Full Glamour Liquid Lips

Lately I saw some good deals with Lunasol items from my usual Hong Kong seller of Japanese cosmetics brand, so I decided to pick up a few Lunasol items, a foundation and 2 lippies ;)

Lunasol Water Gel Foundation

I have always wanted to try Lunasol Water Gel Foundation because of the good oil control properties, however this 30g usually cost over $60usd over the internet... I got mine at $189hkd thinking it was a great deal, but I did a boo-boo and ordered a shade too dark....

I got OC-4 (should have ordered OC-3 to match my skin tone):

At 30g, this foundation comes with SPF 25 PA++, retailing at 4500yen and Adambeauty has it for $399hkd or $57usd:

(browsing through its ingredient list, it also contain parabens as the second last ingredient on the list.)

This foundation comes with a sponge and a little white plastic pouch to hold the sponge. The foundation packaging itself is like a tooth paste squeeze tube with a screw cap in the usual Lunasol bronze color. B

Quite a creamy consistency:

Blended out fully, you can notice the color is a tad too dark for me (see red arrow). But I think I can make it work by blending it with foundations that are a tad to light for me...

I will be doing a FOTD looking featuring this Lunasol Water Gel Foundation in a later post.

Lunasol Full Glamour Liquid Lips

Lately I have been on a liquid lipstick roll because I like the ease of application with the sponge tip applicator and how the texture is like, somewhere between the texture of a lipgloss (ease of spreading) and the colors of a regular lipstick.

This time I got 2 colors, EX02: Clear Coral Pink, which is a peachy coral color and EX03: Clear Rose, which is a mauve pink color.


Both colors appear a bit shear on my lips, but that is expected, as I am not a big fan of bright mauvy colors (EX03) on my look

Applying it on my lips:

EX02 Clear Coral Peach
EX03 Clear Rose


Anonymous said...

the foundation is really too dark for you! Fret not, I am sending you my OC-2 :)

Love the gloss!!!

Cutie Fishball said...

yes OC-4 is too dark for me. but I think mixing with OC-2 will result in something that will be perfect for me!

I am currently in a liquid lipstick mode because I find them a hybrid between lipstick and lip gloss.... currently collecting them!