Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Coffret D'or Fast Beauty Foundation UV BB

I guess the BB cream rave isn't quite over yet. While I was planning to get Jill Stuart's limited edition blusher from my favorite seller, she had quite a few new items such as this Coffret D'or BB cream.

Coffret D'or makes one of my favorite eyeshadow from the stash-Jewelicious Eyes and I have been eager to try their base product. Since I score it at a great deal this time, why not give it a try?

At 30g, it comes with SPF 33 PA++, which a decent SPF number in most Asian bases these days, and I believe they come in 3 shades:
01 Bright Tone
02 Natural Tone
03 Healthy Tone

I picked up the 02 color this time. I purchased mine at $180hkd and Adambeauty has them for $220hkd here.

Ingredients in Japanese... but I noticed this product does contain Parabens "パラベン" at one of the last ingredients:

More pictures of the bb cream tube:

The packaging of this tube is very simple and it's just a normal toothpaste like squeeze tube with a twisting cap closure:

Swatches. The consistency is rather creamy, but not as thick as Korean BB cream by Missha that I owned:

Spreading it apart, it's rather easy, but I noticed small frecks of shimmer in this BB cream

Fully blended out. Coverage is rather light, just like any BB cream, which makes it ideal for a light make up day.

Comparing this Japanese BB with another brand I own, the Hado Labo BB cream, which is at 45g and $130hkd at Adambeauty, Coffret D'or BB cream is a higher price per unit. However, I think I like the Hada Labo BB cream more not only because of it's cheaper price (beauty on a budget, yay!), but also I think Hada Labo is better at oil control in summer months. Given the same amount of time I wear these BB cream, the Coffret D'or one melts on me by midday while the Hado Labo one will last me till late afternoon before I get oily on my T-zone areas.


Jie Jie said...

Nice review :) I wonder if this BB Cream works better during winter time.

Cutie Fishball said...

Jie Jie, I will test it out during winter months. But lately I am using it if I know I am not going to be out for long, like a few hours grocery and shopping errands, I will put this on and so far it is working well if I don't plan to be out for the entire day.

MisoJenny said...

oh no you got it too!! I don't like it at all!! =[