Monday, August 22, 2011

AMPM C12 Line Reducing set

As I am running low on my existing Naruko Appleseed serum, I was looking for the next skincare item for replacement: AMPM's C12 Line Reducing set.

I remembered that Fuzkittie didn't like this product as much because it balls up on her. But regardless, i want to give it a try.

Ingredients and product description on the packaging:

Similar with the day cream I am using from the Naruko line, this set comes in 2 toothpaste like squeeze tube with clear indication of step 1 and 2:

Step 1 is the C12 ultimate line reducer, 30ml.


The product is a yellow colored gel like texture that actually smells quite citrus like (lemons?)

It's a tad greasy but it can be easily spread around and easily absorbed. When applied to my face, it is absorbed into my skin within minutes:

Step 2 is the vitamin C serum enhancer, 30ml:


This cream has a slightly paler yellow color and thicker consistency, still I can smell some lemon-y scent to it:

It's not greasy at all compared to its Step 1 counterpart, quite easy to spread around and no balling up.

So far I have only started this C12 Line Reducing set for only a couple days. As far as the line reducing effect goes, I can't tell the difference as I don't really have any fine lines on my face, and the only fine line is around my eye area... But I will keep trying to see if this stuff will work on my one and only fine line... but as everyone knows, treating fine lines is a life-long battle and a lot of patience and hard work is required on my end.

As these 2 creams have high concentration of vitamin C, it will also help brighten and even out skintone. So far I have noticed my skin has brighten up a little with my acne scars lightened up a bit after a few day's use. So far I am happy with the results and I will continue to use it until I run out. For its slightly greasy formula, I guess I am ok with it as I generally put a layer of Ettusais powder to seal in the moisture so it doesn't bother me much. In fact, I find this not as greasy as the AMPM day time cream "Indoor Ecological Defense Cream" that I use daily when I am indoors in an AC environment. I may hold on to the Defense Cream until winter time is here and switch temporarily to the C12 set after my skin has adapted to the new treatment. The instructions mentioned that after 2 weeks of use, you can apply the C12 treatment both day and night time.

Hope it helps!

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Jie Jie said...

Nice review! I'm really interested in products that say reducing fine lines:)