Monday, August 1, 2011

Lavshuca Star Decoration Eyes in BR-2 : Swatches and Reviews

This is another wonderful collection to my brown eyeshadow collection, given to me by Momo-chan (arigato!)

Lavshuca is a drugstore brand under Kanebo, just like Kate, they are found commonly in Japanese drugstore. This time, Momo-chan picked this Lavshuca eyeshadow palette in BR-2 from Segami drugstore.

This palette comes in a pink metallic casing that is quite princessy and it has a faux-gem at the upper left corner of the cover. The main focus of this palette is the pink shimmery highlight/overlay in the center of the palette, and it's also a glitter bomb. So for those who hate glitz and glam, stay away ^__^""

Back of the packaging, with a detail description of how to apply the colors in this palette. I believe this palette retails for 1600yen, and there maybe a 20% off at Segami's.

Taking a closer look at this palette. It comes with a dual head sponge tip applicator.

This color combination actually reminded me of my Coffret D'or palette in 04 Amber Beige with almost the same color combo and pink shimmer highlight:

With Coffret D'or being a more expensive brand under Kanebo, there is of course a different in the eyeshadow texture and the amount of fall outs. But at 1600yen with discount, I think it's a pretty close dupe of Coffret D'or 04 Amber Beige palette!

Swatches from Lavshuca BR-2:

Close up of the swatches, notice the shimmer and glitters on the pink swatch all the way to the right?

EOTD with Lavshuca BR-2, I didn't use the pink glitter over my eyelids, inside I use it light-handedly around my inner eyes/tear ducts for a less glitter bomb look:

If you can get a hold of this palette locally, it would be a very nice beauty on the budget item. But for most of us that have yo get it via web-purchase, its pricing may not be that appealing. But compared to our drugstore brands available in this country, this Lavshuca palette is definitely up another notch!


Anonymous said...

I've this too! And it's my fav from the Star Deco collection as this palette consists of cool toned browns, more suited for me! :) Indeed, a very value-for-money palette!

Anonymous said...

I have this! And the Coffret D'or palette too... love both!

Jie Jie said...

Hmm...definitely not for me:)... nice palette!