Thursday, August 11, 2011

VISEE Glam Shade Eyes BL-8 swatches

Earlier in Spring, I have hauled another Visee eyeshadow quint in the same series GY-6. Here's my review on GY-6.

My friend Momo-chan from Nara helped me hauled this Visee palette in BL-8. At first I was unsure how blue eyeshadows will look on me, but I think once in a while I should get out of my brown eyes routine, so this time I give this BL-8 a try.

Visee eyeshadows retails at 1800yen a piece. But according to Momo-chan, Visee generally has a 20% off in her local drugstore "Segami"

When I have the palette on hand, it's quite a gorgeous blue, not like a cheap hooker kind of blues that you will see in movies...

The more I look at it, the more I like this blue jeans kind of blue:

Swatches at the back of my hand:

I am glad I get this palette from Momo-chan. It's nice to change to blues once in while out of my usual brown eyes make up.


Jie Jie said...

It looks shimmery to me:) You should also get PK-1 and PU-7..

Anonymous said...

I have this.. I love this and you will like BR-2 and PK-1 which I have & loved them ;) If you want to avoid shimmers, then go for Glam Shade Nude ;)

Cutie Fishball said...

Elaine- I love shimmers so they are ok for me. And sometimes I want a change from brown neutral eyes.

Ritsue has once sent me a Glam Shade Nude because she said it's a winner in the drugstore so she got it for me. I yet have to use it.... haha....

I think Pinks doesnt do too well on me, but who knows, maybe I will have a change in taste soon!

Jie Jie- So maybe you can consider Glam Shade Nude suggested by Elaine as it's less shimmery. Another choice is bobbi brown's day to night palette as they have some matte shades in it making it very work appropriate....!