Thursday, August 4, 2011

Caudalie Vinexpert Anti-Ageing Serum Eyes and Lips

I admit I buy most of skincare products that is "Fuz-approved." And this eye serum by Caudalie is one of them. However, this doesn't come cheap, with a hefty price tag of $70 for 15ml or 0.5fl. oz. Luckily there are always 20% off discounts on online retailers such as, or

Eversince I made a shocking discovery of a fine line under my eye, I have been trying on a lot of different things. While I know there is no way of completely erasing this fine line, I am hoping this fine line will develop into a wrinkle if I fail to address this issue.

These other methods, including eye masks and changing of different eye creams, sometimes work and sometimes just doesn't. I am curious to see if this Caudalie eye serum will help in improving the look of the fine line for me.

Description on the box:

Directions on how to apply in printed in the inside of the box carton. It seems like this is the trend of cosmetics product, less printing=less paper=more environmentally friendly:

Texture. This serum is a light weight serum, very different of eye creams that usually come in a sticky paste form. The bottle is a pump mechanism making it very easy to use and hygenic:

With its light texture, spreading and absorptipn of this serum is really easy and it doesn't take ages to work this into your eye area:

Along with this, I got the Philosophy Kiss Me exfoliating lip scrub from my order with skinstore, which I will be trying on it later:

My order with skinstore came with samples of Korres. The plastic PP box actually grabbed my attention because it looks like one of those PP boxes from Muji:


Jie Jie said...

It is pricey for eye serum, hope it works well on your fine lines:) Do keep us updated.

Have you tried the Philosophy Kiss Me exfoliating lip scrub yet?

MisoJenny said...

I love this serum! Worth every penny!

Cutie Fishball said...

Jenny- It's working well with my fine line, though it's a long process to "erase" the line...

I wish the price tag isnt that hefty!