Friday, August 19, 2011

Nicole... SPOTTED! - Nicole by OPI

It all began with Ulta's summer exclusive OPI launch "Shimmer into Summer."

The day it was launched I was tied up with my gig so I just couldn't spare time to pay Ulta a visit, and plus Ulta had a buy 2 OPI, get a free base/top coat or any of the "Shimmer into Summer" collection, so this collection sell out FAST...

You can view the 4 shades from "Shimmer into Summer" at the polish ahol's blog.

The color that I really wanted to get was "Sparkle Teal Sunrise" which is a nice aqua with plently of shimmers. A photo from the polish ahol:

As with most OPI's chunky sparkly shades, Sparkle Teal Sunrise is no exception with a thick consistency and being very sheer. (3 coats for the picture above from the polish ahol)

But sadly after a few trips to Ulta, there were no restock.

Just when I about to give up with the search, I found a dupe of Sparkle Teal Sunrise and that is Nicole... Spotted made by Nicole by OPI.

You can read more about this dupe alert here at the trace face philes:

Very similar right?

I found this bottle of Nicole by OPI sitting at a corner at the clearance section. I thought I was going to pay full price for this, but when I took this to the check out, the total came out to be $1.99 only! And plus an additional 20% off coupon I had! WOA, now that is a beauty deal...

(Speaking of the original OPI Sparkle Teal Sunrise, I have seen it for sale for $40+ on Ebay... total madness!)

A total of 4 colors are used for this gradation look:

Nicole by OPI: Nicole... Spotted!
OPI: I'm an Aqua-holic (the deep navy), Coney Island Cotton Candy (nude base), and I Juggle... Men (shimmery top overcoat)


MisoJenny said...

omg gorgeous!! love!

Cutie Fishball said...

Thanks Jenny! A while ago, I was looking for gradation nail liquid but they aren't cheap and they have mix reviews... so I figure I just get more polishes when they are on sale to create my gradation nail look!

Jie Jie said...

Hey, I saw Nicole Nail Polish at Watson store and it is selling at about S$20++!!!

Cutie Fishball said...

what?! $20S? The regular retail price is $7.50(I think) and I got this one for $1.99.... damn... it's so marked up in Singapore!

Popcorn said...

woww~ what a steal! I got to go check out my Ulta for a $1.99 deal!!! SO CHEAPPPP.

cute gradation nails. whenever I do gradation nails with just two colors, it chips extremely easily. Maybe it's because my cheap no-brand nail polishes are bad quality.

Cutie Fishball said...

Popcorn- $1.99 deals for Nicole are quite common here, but it's uncommon to score a so sought after color, for example cute shimmery sparkly colors!

Pls note this is $1.59 because of the extra 20% off!

Try layering your nails with an OPI top coat, maybe that will do the trick... and when you get the OPI from a buy 2 get 1 free deal plus $3.50 off, it actually cost about the same as a regular cheap drugstore nail polish or even better!

One thing good about OPI is their durability, it's officially the 14th day of this set of nails and so far you are just seeing the white edges at the tips from normal wear and tear (like washing dishes...)

trinketslove said...

You got a great deal there! And the teal is soooooooooo beautiful with the sparkles/glitters! :D I like graduation nails too!