Tuesday, August 23, 2011

MAC Surf, Baby! Cheek Powder

I admit that I still cannot forget the cute Hawaiian Hibiscus flower on MAC's limited edition Surf, Baby! Cheek powder, so for weeks I have been deciding if I should get it from Ebay because I have seen this blush listed anywhere from $38-$50 before... and voila, there we go! I actually paid a few bucks over retail price ($31 inclusive of shipping), which is not that bad...

See how summery the entire packaging looks? White casing with a transparent cover, the cute hibiscus logo on the cover:

I am totally in love with the gold spray on hibiscus pattern, and according to some blogger's review, this gold spray on will eventually deflower as you swirl the gold with the blush together...


From L to R, just the blusher on its own > gold spray on > and everything swirled together.

I love how warm peachy the blusher looks. To some people that have fairer skintone, this blush may appear too orange-y and may find it hard to work with. For reference, I am a NC-30 and I find this peach tone blusher working very well for me. It reminds me of the Canmake cream cheeks in 05 Sweet Apricot
which I have been using a lot (and have hit the pan long ago)

Now, one thing off my wishlist... haha!

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Jie Jie said...

soo pretty! Too bad I can't get it in Singapore:(