Tuesday, July 12, 2011

MAC Surf Baby Bronzing Powder (limited edition)

Yes, I did it again, my wallet said to me, you should restrain from anything with "LE" marked on them.

Actually I wanted to get their My Paradise cheek blushers with a gold Hibiscus over-spray. But I missed it. It was sold out when I went to the MAC store.... sigh! (And on ebay this blusher costs anywhere from $40-$50.... definitely not worth it!)

So I got a bronzer instead, since I don't have any bronzers in my make up collection and this mac collection looks pretty cute to me :)

My MAC bronzer color in Solar Riche:

Ingredients list:

Solar Riche is a very subtle, non-shimmery bronzer that on the warm reddish side:

Swatch at the back of my hands, matching my NC-30 pretty well:

See below for a before and after the bronzer application:

Before bronzer
After bronzer

It gives my face a healthy luminous glow, and I really like the effects on me. I love this MAC bronzer (and its unique white casing with hibiscus flower on it!)


elainie said...

I like this! nice!!

All the bronzers were sold out by the time I went to the MAC store =__=

Cutie Fishball said...
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Cutie Fishball said...

@Elanie- I think you will scream if you saw the blusher.... it's really cute and I can still find it in ebay, but as much as $50!!! ridiculous for the overprice! I'd rather get a Japanese department store brand blusher with finer quality!

by the way, some stores still have this bronzers for sale (department stores) as of yesterday....