Wednesday, July 13, 2011

AMPM super triple HA serum and skin ecological indoor defense cream

Eversince I had this strange allergy problem on my face, my skin has been experiencing occasional dryness with skin peeling above my lip area. I have been using Dr. Wu Hydrating Serum with Hyaluronic Acid for a few months now and usually serums will last me for at least half a year but this time, I am done with this 40ml of serum in less than 4 months....

Anyhow, to replace a HA (Hyaluronic Acid) serum, I started using AMPM super triple HA serum from my recent Naruko haul. And I paired this serum up with the AMPM skin ecological  indoor defense cream for the day time (hubby just installed a portable AC at home so I figured the indoor defense cream will provide hydration for my skin throughout the day)

Each of the AMPM serum and cream comes in a toothpaste like squeeze tube. The serum is 30ml while the cream is 30g:

The AMPM super triple HA serum comes in a clear and thick gluey form that at first may look a little gross.... it reminds me of the glue UHU with glue threads when being pulled around:

But this serum can easily be spread around:

No sticky feeling and very easily absorbed:

For the AMPM skin ecological  indoor defense cream, it's a yellow thick paste:

It's a little thick but still you can spread around easily:

Despite its thickness, this cream actually absorbs pretty well on to my skin:

Both of these AMPM products provide enough hydration throughout the day. The issue of dry peeling skin is greatly improved and I apply both serum and cream under my foundation/BB cream and they actually helps making the make up stays better on my face.

Overall I am very happy with these 2 products.

But I also discovered that unlike Naruko who emphasize on all natural and no parabens in their products, AMPM does contain some kind of parabens on their ingredients list:

I must admit that is a big turn off for me. Perhaps Naruko will come up with a similar product in their regular Naruko line that is paraben-free. I really hope for that...

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