Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Xmas Gift Exchange from my lovely beauties^^

I know this is a wayyyyyy belated post but I was able to sneak in a little break during my hectic schedule to post this tribute to my beauty pals across the world.

During the past year, I came across with some beauty enthusiast from Singapore, Miss Elain-Nio, Trinkets Love, Jenciceo, Lynn C, and from Hong Kong, Jennifer.

So, Elaine came up with the idea of a Xmas swap and she included her gifts to me for my bday back in Nov as well. When I received the package, it was HUGE!

And you can so tell they came from the tropics.... look at the bugs (stamps) crawling on the box! J/K!!!

And as usual, Elaine carefully bubble-wrapped everything with fancy cute plastic tapes. I tried to savage as much as I can..... because these pretty tapes do come rare here....

Display of the items... They are clearly labelled so I know who is giving me what :)

First of all, my swappie(?) Lynn C. She sent me a full bottle of Lunasol Cleansing oil when I am running low on my current DHC mild cleansing oil. Along with a generous Givenchy loose face powder! MUAHHH!

From Trinkets Love, more Japanese brands (tons of Maquillage and KATE!!) Woot for Boots!!! We get a limited dose of Boots here in the US via Target.... but not the full range!

Then for my birthday in November, Elaine and Trinkets Love has sent me my first Chanel blusher, K-palette liquid brow (I have always been curious about liquid brow liner!) and Bebe poshe eye pencil! Thanks girls, MUAAHHHH!

Jeniceo sent me a bunch of fancy falsies. But the little notes got mixed up and I need to confirm with her what's what....

And this is from Elaine. She has sent me the Mellish loose powder (unfortunately the cap cracked and there were some powder spillage, luckily, not that bad!) Also, the LE Lavchusa Star Decoration set!!! And a cute monthly planner by Little Twin Stars! I will be putting it to good use!

And can you guess what is my haul? Just 3 items out of the entire box!!! A Lunasol 4-pan blusher case, and 2 RMK eyeshadow palettes from a sale loot....

Overall package photo. It can be the most massive haulage in my entire year of 2011!

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