Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Color N -Shimmery bases

I remember my very first Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Color N was from the 2010 X'mas Secret Tease Collection, 104 satin lingerie , and it was one of the first higher end Japanese makeup that I purchase when I first started getting into makeup.

Since then my Jelly Eye collection grow and up till now I have a total of 7 colors from the past year's worth of collection.

Today I am going to share the shimmery bases that I occasionally use for a bling effect. They are:

14 dazzling tear
17 murmuring river
104 satin lingerie 

From the photos, dazzling tear and murmuring river looks very similar to each other, and they are kind of a eggshell color with tons of shimmers in the pot. Satin lingerie, on the other hand, has a soft pink hue to it.

Satin lingerie is also the only one that has a special cap with black lace details (because it is from a LE edition??) while the rest has white lace details.

Test swatches on my arm. From left to right, 17 murmuring river, 14 dazzling tear, and 104 satin lingerie 

Under the shade. As you can see when swatching it, murmuring river and dazzling tear is really showing a difference here. Yes, both are very shimmery, but I will say murmuring river appears to be whiter and more silvery, while dazzling tear is more golden and has a champagne tint to it. And I also think murmuring river has the most shimmer out of the 3. Satin lingerie doesn't really show any kind of pink pigments to it and its glitter seems to be the chunkist out of the 3.

Another angle under the shade. It also shows that both murmuring river and dazzling tear is more packed with shimmers, while satin lingerie doesn't have much shimmers in the jelly mix.

Another shot under the sun. Notice how pretty the shimmers are?

For those who prefer mattes, they should stay away from these glitter bomb like jellies. They do have some fall out and application of them can be a tad tricky, because you typically apply these jellies with your finger and blend it in. During the first few times of using these jellies, my clumsy fingers caused some of the glitters to fall on to my under eye area, which are a pain to remove because these glitter just stays on! But these jellies have pretty good lasting power and in terms of creasing, I have only experience slight creasing by the end of the day (usually 6 hours or more).

Somehow I wish they come out with smaller packaging because I don't think I can ever finish the entire 6g of them before they dry out.... nor do I have buddies close by me that is willing to do a "project jelly" with me.... so it will take a long time for me to use them all up!