Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Color N -My Collection^^

Since I cannot find anyone near me that would like to share Elaine's cool idea of "Project Jelly" with me, I have to collect these Jelly Eye Color one by one all by myself....

Eye Jellies I have collected so far:
#104 satin lingerie
#09 midnight shine
#10 vintage decor
#13 antique chiffon
#14 dazzling tear
#17 murmuring river
#18 bird flutter

The family of Jellies in their pot, under shade:

Under sun:

Swatches on the back of my hand, with labels:

You can refer to my detail posts about the 3 shimmery bases for #17 murmuring river, #104 satin lingerie, and #14 dazzling tear here. They are quite similar but they all have their subtle difference.

#18 bird flutter is some color that I need to use in caution so I don't look being punched in the eye, but regardless it is a lovely coral color that will look awesome on someone with fairer skintones.

#13 antique chiffon and #10 vintage decor looks like they are from the same family of taupes. I like to use them together with the lighter #13 antique chiffon on my overall lid and #10 around my outer V. 

#09 midnight shine is the latest addition to my family. This color was released a while ago, but back then I wasn't into makeup and it was not until lately that I decided to explore eyeshadow colors out of my comfort zone (browns and neutrals). But they are currently sold out in Jill Stuart counters in Hong Kong, so I have to succumb to Ebay to get it! It is a lovely royal blue that looks fantastic on a evening date for me (or Lenny Kravitz concert I have been to last month!) I am glad I hauled it before I regret!

Another picture for swatches under the sun:

And in shade. Interestingly in this picture, the taupes appear to be more greenish than they should be?

Interestingly, I must admit that in my earlier stages of applying these jellies, my fingers were quite clumsy and glitter is everywhere in my under eye area. Now as I get better I like to reach out to them because they are very easy and fast to apply..... and the best part? I dont need to use a eyeshadow brush, meaning one less item to wash after make up!


Anonymous said...

Hi Olivia, thanks so much for the comment :) Sorry for the delayed reply again =_=

The swatches looks really pretty!! My favourites arw 18, 10 and 09!! A lovely collection you have!

Cutie Fishball said...

Thanks Nic Nic.... #10 is my favorite (flattering for my skintone) and #9 is great for an evening look! .... and #18 is a bit tricky but I will try on it sometime!!!

Jie Jie said...

Nice collection of JS eye jellies... #10 vintage decor is a nice colour to play with, in my view:)

Are you going to get any more JS eye jellies? Your post made me thinking..How could I miss out such a nice stuff!

Btw, nice post on JS nail polishes..

Cutie Fishball said...

@ Jie Jie- JS nail polishes are nice... but they are a bit sheer.... however I think they will work for you because they are work appropriate...

for eye jellies, I love them coz of their unique bouncy texture, and their blendablity, their shimmer and also one less need to wash a brush after use (coz I am using my hands)

#10 will match u too, but wont it be a bit too shimmery for work? I think l'oreal infallibles are not as shimmery and they will be better for work....