Monday, February 13, 2012

Latest hauls^^ [4] Jill Stuart Jelly Eye color N 17 murmuring river and 18 bird flutter

Before I start on this post, Happy Valentine's Day everyone!! 

I have been getting my Jill Stuart and other Japanese brands from my usual sources these days. Recently in my mail is my Jill Stuart 2012 spring collection haulage!

I am always happy to see big packages in my mailroom!

Hint of pink.... well packaged in bubble wraps!

My hauls included limited edition nail polishes and eye jellies from Jill Stuart Spring 2012 collection. The Maquillage Mascara Combing Remover is a gift from the seller. I will try it when I need to travel around later. I wonder how does this compare the the Kiss Me mascara remover? Seems like a good alternative to eyemakeup removers!

My loots of JS Jelly Eye Color N in 17 murmuring river (right) and 18 bird flutter (left):

17 murmuring river is a nice champagne/silvery based shimmer that will can be used as a extremely sparkly sparkly base or a shimmer highlight at the enter of the eyes. I tried it once with a smokey eye look and my hubby was like, what did you do to your eyes? They look so sparkly!

17 murmuring river in its pot:

Swatches at the back of my hand, under sun, it looks more sparkly in person:

Swatches under shade, you can see the glitters better here:

Murmuring river on my finger tips, you can see the champagne hue here:

For 18 bird flutter, it is a peach/coral tone jelly with not as much fine shimmers as murmuring river. It looks pretty pigmented in the pot and I am afraid this color maybe quite hard to pull off because I may risk myself looking being punched in the eye:

It actually went on quite sheer.... in the picture below you can see bird flutter (top) and murmuring river (bottom). Since murmuring is more shimmery, the camera was able to pick it up better.

Moving on to nail polishes. I was inspired by Miss Elain-nio because she told me that Jill Stuart nail polishes have a distinctive sweet scent that will linger even 2 days after you finish applying the polishes. Since I spotted them at a decent price (compare to ebay!) I picked them up as well.

I got the 2 new spring colors (limited edition, 10ml each) in 53 flower shower and 43 milky freesia. Flower shower is a coral tone nudy peach color with little shimmers while milky freesia is more of a pale lilac with minimal shimmers. As with most JS nail polishes they go on quite sheer, and I would mind that as they will be goo gradation nail bases.

And from their 2011 Fall collection, I got their Petite Nail Collection that comes with 3 bottles of 6ml of 114 red current, 115 bird song, and 116 deep fur. It also comes with a sheet of nail art stickers.

Nail art sticker, too pretty to be used!

Full line up, from left to right: 53 flower shower, 43 milky freesia.114 red current, 115 bird song, and 116 deep fur.

A quite note here. OPI, Essie or Zoya nail polishes are typically 15ml each, so with JS's 10ml or 6ml sizes they contain considerably less than the brands here.... but on the other hand, who can normally use up a full 15ml during the life span of a nail polish before it dries up? And plus, we never get such cute packaging for nail polishes here in the US....

Comparison of the top gems, the LE version has a pink gem:

And size comparision between the 10ml (left) and 6ml (right):

Swatches of these gorgeous nail polishes will be done later when I free up and have time to paint my nails...

and my collection of JS jelly eye color N will follow shortly...


Popcorn said...

Nice haul! I really like the jelly in 17. That is a really pretty color! I have never used their nail polishes. Are they worth the money?

Cutie Fishball said...

@ Popcorn- #17 is a really pretty shimmery color! I feel like it is more sparkly than the rest of my JS eye jelly collection!

For the nail polishes, they are not the most pigmented, but they have a nice scent to it that will linger for a day or 2 (unlike the harsh common nail polish smell).... But I think if you are an office lady and need subtle nail polishes (or a student) this is the way to go! The downside is they are little pricey and smaller than most other nail polishes.... but hey, I am a suck for nail polishes!