Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Latest hauls^^ [3] Vidi Vici-2

Haul #2 from Vidi Vici HK:

The Dancing Butterfly palette. This was 2011S/S limited edition palette. Initially I wanted to get the 2010A/W Beloved palette because I saw how nice the colors were from BeautyQQ's videos. But they were all sold out by now and the DancingButterfly palette is a good similar dupe to the colors.

The bronze color metallic casing is very similar to Lunasol's signature eyeshadow quads. It even has the production date printed at the back of the palette:

The eyeshadow quad comes in:
Top-left: shimmery/glittery yellowish gold
Top-right: a cool toned matte pastel pink
Bottom-left: pearly salmon pink
Bottom-right: shimmery deep bronze

Under sunlight

Under shade

Vidi Vici's eyeshadow is surprisingly smooth and is well pigmented. Very similar to SUQQU high quality eyeshadows! Just with one swipe on my fingers, this is what I get:

Swatches at the back of my hand:

Under sunlight
Under shade

The colors have good pigment, but just doesn't show well on my NC-25 skin tone.... ahhh only if I have paler skin! But unlike Lunasol, Vidi Vici's eyeshadows are not really glitterbombs and I think they are very work appropriate for those who look for almost matte with a subtle shimmer daytime look.

Click here for Vidi Vici Haul#1^^
Stay tuned for Vici Vici Haul#3!!


Popcorn said...

ahhh this is my first time hearing about this brand. What kind of a brand is it? Glad to know that it isn't too glittery. :)

Cutie Fishball said...

@ Popcorn, Vidi Vici is a Korean brand is highy raved by the youtuber BeautyQQ and SumMei as well.... it's a higher end brand so the price point is a tad above Lunasol (to give you a perspective...)

Jie Jie said...

Finally you've got them:) Definitely my type of e/s! By the way, the lunchbox duo is a great buy for sure, very versatile.

Cutie Fishball said...

Yes I got them! But I am still waiting on one single eyeshadow.... and lunchbox duo is no longer in stock :( But I like how compact it is.... I love small and compact things, great for traveling!

Loving VV's eyeshadow texture, very smooth and silky, more pigmented than Lunasol.... not as expensive as SUQQU... overall a great buy!