Monday, February 6, 2012

Latest hauls^^ [3] Vidi Vici-1

I have been getting interested in Vidi Vici because of the famous youtuber BeautyQQ (Queenie Chan).

So over the past 3 months, I have been hauling Vidi Vici from Hong Kong and Korea.

Vidi Vici is a upscale Korean makeup brand and used to be exclusively sold in Korea. And they ahve a few counters in high end department stores in Hong Kong. 

Lately Vidi Vici Korea has launched their sales on ebay so you can get their products directly from them. And they provide free shipping worldwide! (Vidi Vici HK also provide free world-wide shipping too and accept paypal as form of payment, and they seem to provide better response in English!)

So, Haul #1 from Vidi Vici HK:

Initially I was interested in getting the Party Styler '11 set from them that comes with the limited edition Party Styler, the Angel Soft loose powder, 2 deluxe sample(I picked 2 foundation shades they offer) and an original pouch:

Anyways... as I have been always curious about Vidi Vici, I ordered more than I should have... and here's the package from Hong Kong:

Everything is nicely packaged inside the official Vidi Vici box, and of course, with the original pouch that came with the set!

Nicely embossed Vidi Vici box. I now keep all of my Vidi Vici items in it.

They also sent me a catalogue along with my order. It's much easier to read through this catalogue as their online version's resolution is really low...

Their signature small case and party styler stacker. I guess packaging does play a great part in influencing what I want to buy??? Haha!

My loots:

Party Styler '11. Comes with 2 eyeshadows, 1 highlighter (cream form), 1 cream blush, and 1 lipgloss. I have yet to use it. It's too pretty to be used!

Angel Soft Loose Powder. I suppose this will go on perfect with their lightweight anti-aging foundation?

Looking glam? This is their signature stacker Small Face Case. Apparently they do not carry this anymore, the current version only comes with a lighter face contour powder. I feel this older version is more appealing as I can use the darker contour powder as eyeliner or brow powder.... it's more versatile this way!

Made in Italy! What a nice surprise!

I also get a lipstain. I have used it and I like it a lot because it is non-drying. And fyi this is made in Germany!

Stayed tuned for my Vidi Vici Haul #2!!!


Anonymous said...

I live in Canada D: I just hope I can find a way to purchase their Vidi Vici Party Styler Kit <3

Cutie Fishball said...

Vidi Vici actually has a canadian distributor!

you can check them out here:

and email them for the party styler. I think they offer free shipping within canada.

欣兒 said...

Do you happen to know where to buy Vidi Vici in the USA? Or at least online? I've searched for days and nothing comes up!! I'm almost desperate.. :( Thanks!

And I'm jealous of your haul! Oh so very jealous!! :)

Cutie Fishball said...

Vidi Vici Korea used to sell their products in an affliated ebay store, but they discontinued it a few months after they launched....

You can contact the Vidi Vici HK counter at and they are happy to throw in free shipping to the US if you order over a certain amount (usually 3 products?)

and they are quite good in responding to emails and you can check on current promo sets on their facebook fan page (search for Vidi Vici HK on facebook...)