Monday, February 20, 2012

Latest hauls^^ [5] MAC Pearl glides are here!!!!

What is this long row of MAC boxes???? They are the long awaited MAC pearlglides! 

They have finally landed at our doorsteps before the weekend....

This massive layout of the pearlglides.... can you count how many are there in the picture?

30 of them...

Actually I don't need all 30 of the pearlglides. I just need one of each from the collection, which is 7....

The rest are haulage for my overseas pal (blink! Elaine!). Pearlglides are released here on February 13th but I was able to place an online order on the 10th. No rushing to the mall and fight for the MAC store BA's attention! And they arrived here on the 15th! Impressive!

I have heard a lot of good things about the pearlglides when I first started chatting with Elaine and back then these pearlglides are limited edition and I really wanted to try them after Elaine said how soft and smooth they glide on, and hence the name pearlglides.... 

But after searching high and low, the only place that had them was Ebay, which is a whooping $30+ per pencil... the aftermarket potential of these little gems are really out of my mind....

So since then I tried to find pencil liners by other makers, like Chanel or Urban Decay or NARS... but none of them has the same kind of color that I was looking for....

So here it is:

And it's thankful that they are permanent items now. I hauled all 7 colors for myself: 

  •  Undercurrent is a blue-based teal with green-gold and teal shimmer. It has good color payoff in a single pass. Urban Decay Junkie is nearly identical.
  • Industrial is a gray-casted blue with hints of brown. It’s an interesting color, and I found it difficuolt to describe. The color payoff is so-so in one pass, and even layering, it doesn’t build as well as the other shades. I couldn’t think of a dupe.
  • Petrol Blue is a dark navy blue with sapphire shimmer. It has decent to good color payoff in a single pass but layers nicely. It’s similar, but brighter, than toki doki SkeletroMake Up For Ever #3L is similar but not as intense.
  • Designer Purple is a brightened violet purple with violet and silver shimmer. This shade had some of the chunkier sparkle. It has good color payoff in one pass. MAC Rich Purple was the closest dupe I could think of, but it’s darker, less violet. Urban Decay Delinquent is similar but not as bright.
  • Lord It Up is a warm bronze brown with gold-bronze shimmer. It has good color payoff in one stroke. It’s similar to Urban Decay Corrupt.
  • Black Line is a dark brown-based black with dirty gold shimmer. It has good color payoff in a single stroke. It’s similar to Shiseido Black Sand.
  • Black Swan is a blue-based black with silver-blue shimmer. It has good color payoff in a single stroke. I don’t know of a dupe for this one.

(description from temptalia)

Swatches time!!

Under sun

Under shade

See the shimmers? How pretty...

Water-test, with some rubbing.... staying put!

Now with Kose Cosmeport cleansing oil with a few rubs..... coming off easily!

Overall very happy with my pearlglide purchase... now I would need to experiment more with different looks with these buttery pearlglides!


Anonymous said...

wow now this is what i call a "haul" the swatches looks good and it's good to hear they are really water proof! I love Kose Cosmeport cleansers too! I think I may go back to it once I finish another cleansing oil :) Sorry for the late reply to the email!! I will try and get back to you really soon!!

Cutie Fishball said...

@Nic Nic- no worries about the emails... take your time! I know you are a busy gal!

Well, if these pencils are all for myself, I think I really need to see a doctor.... They are $15 each here... I wonder how much they will be in Japan!

Kose cosmeport retails for $13+tax here in our Korean grocery stores, and I bet they are about half the price in JP! I like this better than DHC (the smells that bother me the most).... so it is really good value!