Saturday, October 8, 2011

Love Package from Singapore!

Woot! I received a note from the PO yesterday that I received an incoming package from overseas!

It's a love package from Miss Elain-nio and Trinkets of Love!!

As everyone know that Singapore is a "Fine City" so there are lots of things you cannot do in Singapore, and in this case, things you cannot send!

Based on previous failing postal service, this time I gotta sign for this package!

And I was shocked to see Elaine's passport number on the parcel's packing slip. Why is such personal information needed????!

Wow, the box is packed of goodies! And pretty pink tapes (I saved most of this tape for reuse. It's too pretty to be thrown away!)

Terrific scene! Loads of unwrapping done!

Full layout of love package:

But in reality, this is what I have ordered, just 1/3 of the box! The rest are swaps and presents from Elaine and Lynn!

Swappies and pressies from Elaine. She pass me the Guerlain cherry blossom blusher. She knows my love for cherry blossom, so she decided to give me that (brand new too!) Thank you and I love you Elaine!!!

More sheet masks from Elaine:

And more items from Elaine and shared blusher pigments (slight spillage here....):

Presents from Lynn! I love Canmake! Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you girls, I don't know what to say, I am so touched when I see all of these! (slightly tearing up...)

It's a massive haul (and I just finished reorganizing my Muji makeup drawers... looks like I have to haul more drawers next time I am in NY)

As you can see, that's quite some items, it will take sometime to use them one by one.... please stay tuned for more reviews coming up!


Anonymous said...

I felt relieved that you had FINALLY managed to get my package! *SIGH!!!!

Hehheee... I am glad you love all the stuff & do reviews soon :D *hugs!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL on the many things we cannot send as stated on the shipping box!!! :D

Such a huge box of goodies! (I didn't know it was this huge) I would be so overwhelmed and touched if I were you too! Pls take time to enjoy them! Glad you are loving the presents! :D

Cutie Fishball said...

Ladies- I am really overjoyed! For a huge package of toys! Please be a little more patient for my updates (7-11 boss is back...) but I will try to try out everything!

It will your turn very soon! With 2 packages coming your way!

Elaine- ya, finally! I guess they read the words "SIGNATURE" needed so they had to give to me? haha!

Lynn- you know what it reminded me, with the do not send list? the same thing I saw in the MRT.... so maybe Don'ts haha

Mindy♥ said...

OMG what a fabulous love package!!! :)