Thursday, October 27, 2011

A little treat after my crazy deadline... Creme de La Mer!!

As my friends may know, sometimes when I am working on a deadline, I stay up till 4 or 5am in the morning, and after 3-4 hours of sleep, I start working again...

So that was my life 2 weeks ago for my deadline...

To reward my hard work, I placed an order for La Mer with Bergdorf Goodman a few weeks back here.

However, BG was so sneaky that they cancelled my deluxe GWP when they shipped my order. What's the point without the GWP?

So I refused the package when it arrived an went to Bloomingdales instead...


Items purchased:
-The Luxury Essentials Set: 2oz Creme de La Mer, and the Eye Balm Instense 0.5oz, $350
-La Mer Lip Balm 0.32oz, $45

-10% off
-$50 Bloomingdale's giftcard

-2x The Eye Concentrate 0.1oz
-3x The Regenerating Serum 0.1oz
-2x Creme de La Mer 0.11oz
-1x The Moisturizing Lotion 0.1oz
-2x The Cleansing Gel 0.17oz

oh also, a rather not too flattering Bloomingdale's GWP travel bag which is bright teal colored....

Thank you to the BA that gave me loads of La Mer samples! And thanks to my lovely hubby with such great sweet talking skills!

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Jie Jie said...

Heard a lot of good comments about La Mer:) It is definitely a good buy with the samples!