Monday, October 24, 2011

Zoya Nail Polish in Caitlin

Hello peeps! Sorry about the long MIA... Just been through a terrible 80 hour deadline week, and I am just recovering...

And I haven't have the time do my own nails, or even do proper make up in the past 2 weeks...

As I passed by Ulta the other day, I spotted this Zoya nail polish in "Caitlin":

Ulta has always carry Zoya, but the collection hasn't been too complete. It just happened that my beauty pal, Miss Elain-nio one told me that Zoya's quality is way above OPI so I guess I wanted to give Zoya a try.

Plus I want to get a grayish purple nail color that is suitable for the fall season.

Caitlin is very interesting color. Even this is just a high gloss color without any shimmers or glitters, its color change on my nails according different lighting.

1. Natural daylight
-looking more like pastel purple here

2. Daylight desktop lamp
-Now it looks a little less pastel color, more gray showing up here.

3. Under fluorescent light
-Really showing off the glossiness, and more purples showing up here.

4. Under halogen light (yellow lighting):
-Now it is definitely showing more grays because of the yellow lighting

Zoya's polishes are definitely pigmented. Just one coat alone deliver high gloss and nice coverage! I am beginning to like its quality!

But sadly Zoya does not really have much buy 2 get 1 free promos like OPI, and their collection is much less than OPI's in my local Ulta...

Next, I am aiming Butter London nail polishes with my Ulta 20% off in-store coupon. I have also heard good things about Butter London, and I would not have consider that without a 20% as for $14 a pop, they are quite pricy! Stay tuned!!

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