Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Maybelline Eyestudio in 05 Caffeine Rush

I know this is not something new, and the Muse has talked about it here back in August.

I have purchased this when there was a B1G1 for 50% off at CVS a while ago and have sent the wilder colors (purples and pinks, and soon another blue!) off to my beauty pals in Singapore (hello! Elaine!) and also my lovely Japanese friend Momo-chan who is a big fan of US drugstore cosmetics.

I actually got quite excited when I saw this released in the US market because back in early spring I saw something similar at the Sony Plaza's website... but with a whopping 1260yen (over $16usd!!)

Aeon's online website, only 4 colors available:

For our own US version of this quint palette:

The US version has wilder and louder colors while the Japan version is more subtle, with a deeper liner color on the top triangle, while the US palette has been replaced by a top triangle of glitter bomb. Not too practical in my opinion... less is more, so to say :)

Moving on to the subject: 05 Caffeine Rush. It's a nice nude brown color, with the exception of the top glitter pan which is not nude/natural at all:

Swatches on the back of my hand:

Under shade

Under day lighting
Slightly blurred to show the gold glitters 

ETOD look:

The colors are more washed out and they do look nude in the pictures under the grayish afternoon sun in the fall.

The glitters doesn't really show up and look quite washed out.

But as the sun was setting while we were heading out to had dinner, I bust out my iphone to snap some pictures that best capture the glitters, it's quite gorgeous:

(sorry for the blur, but this the best way to show the glitter)

I have not notice any fall outs, and the quality is great as a drugstore brand. There isn't much smudging that I have noticed. This palette can be quite versatile, if you choose to use the the 4 regular shades for a daytime look, or layer it with the top triangle glitter for a sparkly nighttime look.

So even Japan has their earlier version of a similar eyeshadow palette, my buddy Momo-chan still wanted me to haul 2 for her. I guess a $10.99 price tag with a B1G1 for 50% off is a nice deal compared to a $16 price tag each for its Japanese counterparts. It's almost 50% cheaper here!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Did I "hear" blue? LOL

I am praying the parcel will be coming to me in few days time! <3

Thanks in advance! <3

Jie Jie said...

nice:) I think SG has limited colours available..