Monday, October 24, 2011

Latest beauty haul, featuring Jill Stuart Holiday 2011 Fairy Garden Collection Teaser!

Guess what show up in the mail today?

A package of items I ordered from Hong Kong last week! Shipping is rather quick for this round! In exactly 1 week I received the items I ordered!

Woot! Ready for the surprise? Can you guess what is behind the bubble wrap?

Voila! Jill Stuart Holiday 2011 Fairy Garden Collection, as feature by A Touch of Blusher here

It is supposed to be released on November 4th in Japan, but I ordered mine on October 17th and received today on October 24th, 10 days earlier than the official launch date!!


A little more items I ordered along with this same shipment, which includes the Jill Stuart lip compact and discontinued highlighter from last X'mas coffret set.

I admit that I am becoming like a Jill Stuart collector as a lot of times I find their items too pretty to be used.... The highlighter and the lip compact is definitely is going to be housed in the museum of fishball's collection.

And sole reason why I decided to haul this X'mas set is because the flowery pattern that resembles cherry blossom petals... how superficial I am...

Stay tuned for more reviews coming up!!!


Popcorn said...

My gosh!!! im excited for this post~ hahaha I'm debating about getting this Jill Stuart Holiday Collection myself but I want to see more pics or swatches first. tehehe Can't wait for the post!

Cutie Fishball said...

@Popcorn- If you are a collector, I will say go for it, because the special flowery pattern is quite nice... but in terms of swatches I dont intend to deflower them and from the looks of eyeshadow, I already seen big similarities with my existing collection of JS eyeshadows...

since I got them at a good price, I don't mind just storing them in my JS museum :)