Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jill Stuart Holiday 2011 Fairy Garden Collection

As mentioned yesterday, A Touch of Blusher has a detailed review of this collection preview here.

This Jill Stuart Holiday 2011 Fairy Garden Fairy Collection is set to launch on November 4th in Japan. I got mine yesterday in the mail, 10 days before the launch day, right perfect before my birthday! I felt it like it a birthday present to myself!

"Christmas fairies invite you to happy moments."
How poetic! And inside the box is the original pouch, in a soft pink color:

Details of this pouch, definitely a princess feel to it and it reminded me of bridal evening gown details (that I have once looked into prior my banquet):

Details of the zipper, which is the same style to the "J" signature ornament/charm on the JS limited blush brushes.

Set according to official picture (credits to Chenyu's blog):

My coffret set:

The limited-edition Fairy Garden Collection set includes:
- Jewel Crystal Eyes
- Jelly Lip Gloss
- Loose Powder N
- Fragrance Sachet Duo Set
- original pouch
The fragrance sachets appears to be more of a peach and purple color in reality, but it doesn't really bother much to me, as I am not planning to open it and use this set anyways :) It will be my first collectible holiday coffret set :)

Borrowed from chenyu's blog, which is closer to the real colors of the sachet:

I admit the main reason I am into this coffret is because of the flowery prints on the casing of the eyeshadow. It reminds me of flying cherry blossoms, one of my favorite thing in the world:

Eyeshadow jewel crystal eyes 104 fragile opal and jelly lip gloss in 103 crystal kiss:

Eyeshadow colors from www.iswii.net

Actual colors of the eyeshadow:

At the first glance, I thought it really resembles something I got from the Jill Stuart jewel crystal eyes range, here I am comparing with limited edition 101 smoky quartz here:

More comparisons, from left to right, 104 fragile opal, 101 smoky quartz, 07 sweet amethyst, and 06 angelic topaz:

Don't you think the lighter pinks and deeper cool browns all look alike?

Next up, it's the Jill Stuart loose powder N in 101 twinkle dust:

Loose powder N picture from chenyu's blog:

It comes with a matching elastic band with tulle, but I don't really see myself using it anyways....

Finally, it's the jelly lip gloss in 103 crystal kiss:

Details of a bling on the tube's cap:

Image from Chenyu's blog:

Again, with the cherry blossom like flower petals that capture my heart on the tube. And the shimmery pink color looks lovely as well. I also know that JS lip glosses are quite sheer and they are tad on the sticky side, but it doesn't bug me much as I don't intend to use this set anyways and they are just too pretty to be used anyways!!!


Anonymous said...

Pretty coffret set!!! I'm drooling~~~ Congrats on scoring it! :D

Cutie Fishball said...

@Lynn, let's focus on our usual "source" and see if she will have this set later!!! It's really pretty and I don't regret getting everything!!! haha!

the best thing, I get it before launch date, before my bday!!! Just in time!!!

Jie Jie said...

Nice set...Please do a look using this palette soon:)