Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Latest hauls^^ [3] Vidi Vici-3

Haul #3 from Vidi Vici Korea (ebay):

Since I have hauled a lot from Vidi Vici HK, I didn't have much urge to haul more. But I have been interested in their lunchbox duo (double case for their single eyeshadows) after seeing its appearances in one of BeautyQQ's videos. After a round of asking around, it seems like Vidi Vici has stopped producing this lunchbox duo case!! Finally I stumbled upon Vidi Vici Korea and they informed me that they only have 2-3 of this duo case left!

So I placed my order and it arrived in a Vidi Vici logo box!

With proper packaging! Tons of bubble wrap!

My loots:

I have ordered these 2 eyeshadows. It's quite hard to figure what color to order because there isn't much online swatches for Vidi Vici's eyeshadows.

Eye Shadow Pearly Texture 2.5g in 223 Dark Chocolate.
Provides a tonal effect from color that is barely there to color with intense, bright drama. 
Provides even color distribution and is easy to blend.
Offered in a multitude of stunning colors and shades.

Eye Shadow Shimmer Cream Texture 2g in 02 Glam Bisque
Gives your eyes a chic and luxurious look through the infusion of fine shimmer and sparkle.
Has a creamy texture even though it's a powder.
Its soft-blended formula goes onto your skin softly, leaving it looking velvety smooth.

Unfortunately, until today 02 Glam Bisque is still back ordered. Vidi Vici contacted me that it will take a few more weeks for it to complete manufacturing in Japan. I will share again when I receive it in the mail.

Now on to the adorable lunchbox duo case!

This case is made of metal so it feels very substantial and expensive. But sadly it is also a fingerprint magnetic. It also comes with a small velvety pouch.... making it feels glam and expensive too!

The front side of it allows you to put 2 single eyeshadows (or browshadow, or lip gloss.... mix and match as you like, as the back of the lunch box duo has instructed....)

And it each lid has its own mirror in it.

And on the back side, you can insert q-tips, small sponge applicators, or even pills as BeautyQQ has suggested, quite versatile! And it also has a mirror on the lid for quick checks on your makeup on the go!

The next item I am interested in trying is their foundation. I have tried the sample foundation that came with Haul #1 and I like how lightweight and long lasting their foundation is. I was also informed that they are launching a new Brilliant BB cream of SPF 35++ in February from Vidi Vici Korea. I may place an order after I finish using up all my liquid foundation on hand :) (still a long way to go! I need to finish one before hauling another one!!)

Here's their new 2012S/S line up:

Brilliant BB Cream SPF 35 PA++ (New): will be coming out on February, 2012

- Is a triple functional product for whitening, anti-wrinkle function and sunscreen
- Helps create natural and transparent make-up.
- Protects your skin from harmful UV rays using an SPF35/PA+ formula.
- Provides your skin with medium coverage for a natural finish, brightening up its natural tones.
- Contains darkening zero perfect powder that helps keep your makeup looking fresh and helps to prevent the appearance of visible darkening of the skin.
- Provides long lasting moisture and protection to your skin
- For all skin types
Delight Prism Eye Palette (New): will be coming out on February, 2012

- Used highly saturated pearl pigment called "borosilicate" mixed with 2 types of specially coated glitter particles to give off the purest& hightest glittering effect.
- Spreads on smoothly and adheres to your skin easily.
- Contains sebum control powder that helps keep your makeup looking fresh throughout the day

* Color
Color 1 (Pink): Pink color with silver and gold glitters which are the first color of Delight Prism Eye Pallet, gives off a glittering effect
Color 2 (Mint): Mint color with 10 kinds of glitters give off a glittering effect. Use it alone or base.
Color 3 (Metal Silver): Metal silver color with white silver coating glitter particles to gives off a glittering effect.
Color 4 (Deep Blue): Deep Blue color with white blue and blue pearl gives off a glittering effect. Apply deep blue color to your eye line or double eyelid

Flash Lip Crayon 06 Delight Red, 07 Pink Bonbon, 08 Peach Lady (New): will be coming out on February, 2012

- Provides both lipstick, lip-gloss and lip tint at the same time!
- Is an extra glossy texture which is especially light wearing and non-sticky.
- Glides smoothly and gently onto your lips and hydrate your lips throughout the day
- High shiny finish
- Keeps your lips moisturized and nourish your lips
- Is free of volatiles, mineral oil and paraffin.

Check here for my Vidi Vici Haul #1 and Haul #2!!

4 comments: said...


I am thinking of making a purchase from Vidi Vici soon! But I can't find the prices anywhere for the Brilliant BB or the eyeshadows, do you know how much they cost?


Cutie Fishball said...

which eyeshadow are you referring to? The new delight prism eye palette? They are at $63.90 with free shipping and the brilliant BB is 49.90 with free shipping. Hope it helps! said...


I was thinking of the solo eyeshadows and then buying a lunchbox case (for 4 eyeshadows).

So do they price you in dollars? I noticed on the Korean site the BB works out at about £25 (my currency!) so I am wondering if they mark up the prices a lot in Hong Kong.

Also one more question! You said the small face case is now discontinued - so you mean the one you have pictured (with the very dark brown) has gone? And is replaced with a lighter version, but is it still called the Small Face Case?


Cutie Fishball said...

on the single eyeshadow is $29.90usd each with free shipping (international), a free case comes with it. I think you can request them to send you a 4 compartment case instead of the single ones. I just like the lunchbox case duo because of the extra compartment for q-tips etc....

I bought it from HK vidi vici counter (via online) and they waive the shipping because I bought up to a certain amount. It was the HK vidi vici that told me that they only had 2 more of the older version of the small face case (the one with dark brown, the one I have now) and the newer version the lighter one, not up to my liking. It is still called the small face case, and from the korean website you cannot see the one option for the darker one anymore....

I think HK pricing is very close to Korea.... and now vidi vici KR is able to sell directly, I think it's kind of nice because you can buy 1 thing and the shipping to you is free.... just that sometimes their english level is not really that great..... but other than that I have no complaints!