Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sneak Peek of Lunasol Fall 2012 collection 「透輝浄化」featuring Modeling Glossy Eyes

As I was browsing online last night, I came across some interesting sneak peak photos of Lunasol Fall 2012 makeup collection!!!

Images courtesy of tweets from Frau editor @sekitatsu79:

ファンお待ちかね! ルナソル秋のテーマは「透輝浄化」。

Fans, please wait! The fall 2012 theme for Lunasol is 「透輝浄化」(bright translucent purification).

What do you all think about this collection base on the above promotional images??

9品目32品種のラインナップで、8/17 発売となります。気になるカラー、ありますか?

Line up of 9 makeup items with 32 variations, for sale on Aug 17th. Are you interested in any colors?

(The range is repeating the Lunasol's norm of wearable OL colors, but actually I am interested with the lower left quad with the black color in the pan. Lunasol rarely have something that deep in color that is almost a black, however it maybe a dupe to the ocean scene eyes in 04 smoky ocean, my first ever lunasol palette!)


"Modeling Glossy Eyes." The glossy base on the upper right is for enhancing the three
dimensional aspect with the eye makeup and along with that, giving a sheer 3D look.

(emm, having a cream like glossy base in the same quad, I wonder if it will become messy
overtime when the powder cross "contaminate" over???)


On a side note, according to Rouge Deluxe

Les Merveilleuses by Ladurée Pop-up Store in Harajuku

Les Merveilleuses by Ladurée will open a pop-up store in LaForet mall in Harajuku, Tokyo from 25 July to 7 August. Aside from the fall collection, the store will offer the Face Color Rose Ladurée (Mini) in an exclusive box packaging. This will be available in three shades at 3200yen each. 

Since I missed out the mini rose petal blushers from Laduree's opening back in late January, I cannot let this opportunity to go away. I will be relying my sources to help purchase this lovely mini rose petals for me!!! Gotta start saving up for the spurge!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Review Of Hitachi Hada CRiE CM-N1000 – Japan’s No. 1 Beauty Gadget

The Ultimate Facial Massager “ Hada Crie” by Hitachi

This latest version of facial massager by Hitachi has put the competitors to rest.
The “Hada Crie” is a facial cleaning and massage system that will change and improve the way you take care of your face. This hand held cleaning and massage head performs better than ordinary manual cleaning methods. With ion power, it cleans deeply into pores to remove more dirt and penetrate moisturizing ingredient to horny layer and helps to keep moisture. “ Hada Crie” has 4 different modes which are Cleanse, Micro-pat, Moisturize and cooling.

The above is a description I found online for the Hada CRiE machine.  It is “Japan’s No.1 beauty gadget” for a reason! It is so amazing that I have written this long and in-depth review about it.

So roughly 2 weeks ago, a small package from Japan:

And here's my loot, the ultimate beauty gadget of the time:

Back of the box:

And such beauty gadget does not come cheap. Retailing for 357,00yen in Japan, I found a cheaper option for about US$230 on Ebay. I bought mine for about $190usd shipped from Japan via a Japanese CP :)

But a $200 investment on a beauty gadget is really on the steep side, however, it's a machine that is "Made in Japan" (see above image on the lower right corner) so it's well worth the investment. To justify my purchase, I'd figure visiting a facial spa twice can be over this amount (and that's the reason why I never visit facial spas here... economically it's not sustainable for my wallet!) so this seems to be a nice alternative to DIY facials at home!

Contents within the box includes the machine itself, cable cord, 2 plastic rings, instruction manual and a quick instruction card:

My favorite beauty gadget still in its brand new condition, love, love, SUPER LOVE <3

Though the manual is in Japanese, it is quite easy to follow along with the step to step pictures:

Front and back of the quick instruction card (please click on image if you want to see an enlarged image of the instruction card):


As some of you may not understand what the manual is talking about, I have found an English and Chinese manual online. The only difference the 4th step, where CM-N1000 has a "Cool Este Mode" rather than CM N-810's "Refresh Mode":

The model I have decided to pull the trigger on is the CM-N1000 model. The main difference between the popular models CM-N800 or CM-N810 model is the 4th mode is "refresh mode" on the CM-N810 model and "cool esthetic mode" on the N-1000 model, as well as the CM-N1000 come corded (meaning the unit needs to be connected to the plug with the cable during operation) while the 810's model come wireless with a charger (each charge will hold enough charge for 10 uses). Another major difference is CM-N1000 uses a 100V but CM-N810 is pretty much universal voltage of 100V-240V. CM-N1000 is a tad heavier (100g) because of a bigger motor for the cooling function, but the cooling function enables the minimizing of pore sizes, I just went ahead for this option!

For those who are interested, there is a chart in Japanese for the difference between CM-N1000 and CM-N810:

保湿サポート器 : 仕様一覧表


使用回数(満充電時)約10回 ※1
※1 クレンジング、ミクロパット、モイストアップモードの3モードを続けて10回「強」で仕様の場合。
※2 クールエステモードは3分間で自動停止(冷却準備の1分30秒を含む)
○ 心臓に障害のある人○急性(疼痛性)疾患の人○有熱性疾患の人○血圧異常の人○感染症疾患のある人○結核症疾患の人○悪性腫瘍のある人○顔面神経痛の人○ 妊娠中の人○生理中の場合○アトピー性皮フ炎の人○アレルギー体質の人○特に肌が敏感な人○血友病疾患の人○歯の治療中の人○ステロイド系ホルモン剤の長 期使用や肝臓機能障害で毛細血管拡張を起こしている人○飲酒している場合や薬を服用中の場合、疲労が激しい場合
○ 整形手術をした部位○眼球および上まぶた○傷口○顔面黒皮症○口の中等粘膜の部位○ニキビや吹出物で炎症を起こしている部位○痛覚、知覚障害を起こしてい る部位○皮フの下に金属、プラスチック、シリコン等を埋め込んである部位○かゆみやほてり、物理的刺激などによる病的なシミのある部位○化粧品等で皮フ炎 を起こしている部位

Below the blue sticker is where the metal part which holds the most important function of the Hitachi Hada CRiE machine, ion induction:

The bunch of Japanese words, from top to bottom:
クレンジングモード: Cleansing Mode
ミクロパットモード: Micro-Pat Mode
モイストアップモード: Moisturize Mode
クールエステモード: Cool Esthetic Mode

LED lights will light up depending on which mode you select. For the 3 buttons below:
入/切: this is the on/off button to power the unit.
モード: Mode, this button is to navigate between the 4 modes within the system.
強/弱: Strong/weak intensity to be used within the cleansing mode and moisturize mode.

Sides of the Hitachi Hada CRiE, with a metal part on each side. You are supposed to touch both metal parts (along with you're not supposed to wear any jewelry during the operation of this unit) so positive/negative ions can be circulated within the body:

Back of the unit indicated its serial number, along it is produced in year 2012. "Made in Japan" is also written back there, which ensures quality... as it's quite common to find electronics made in China or SE Asia countries. One thing worth mentioning is that the unit works on 100V only (Japan's domestic voltage) but it doesn't really bother me because I will be using my Hada CRiE in the US mainly.

[Thoughts after my first few uses]

  • It can overwhelming initially, especially with the 4 modes along with the combination of strong and weak mode, AND also what kind of products to use in conjunction with the different modes.... but after a week of continuous usage, I have figured out how to master the Hitachi Hada CRiE to incorporate into my daily skincare routine and make the best out of it.
  • Cleansing, micro-pat, and moisturizing mode are programmed for 5 minutes and stops automatically when completed. Cooling Este mode is programmed for 3 minutes. The entire process will take 18 minutes for all 4 modes. 18 minutes is a nice relax break from a long day working!
  • Unlike the CM-N810 model that has rechargeable battery and no cords, it means I cannot use  my Hitachi Hada CRiE CM-N1000 everywhere. I need to be near to a power outlet during the treatment
  • Extra things you will need in conjunction with the Hitachi Hada CRiE are cotton pads, a non gel-based watery toner, essence, and perhaps a selection of sheet mask (prefer cheaper sheet masks like My Beauty Diary) and the above materials are easily available and not hard to find at all.
  • The Hitachi Hada CRiE can be used all over my face just like how you will use the clarisonic, in the slow outwards motions from center of the face. I think the size of the metal head is just the right size the contact between the metal head and my face is great.
  • The Hitachi Hada CRiE has built-in sensor on the metal pad so if you’re not gripping onto the unit properly (ie, the metal parts along the side, or left the machine idle for a few seconds), it will not work and it will stop when the head is not touching skin.  In that case I know if the unit is working properly on my face.
  • I remove all make-up with cleansing oil and cleanse my face along with my Clarisonic pro brush before using Hitachi Hada CRiE – and the result samazes me even more when I discover that my normal cleansing routine with Clarisonic brush are totally inadequate at removing all traces of makeup residue and dirt!

Other products I have used along with the Hitachi Hada CRiE:

Summary of the 4 modes:
Cleansing mode : designed for daily use, once a day, with  in cleansing water or toner soaked off with a clean piece of cotton pad, personally I use Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA liquid with salicylic acid

And for cotton pads, I use Naruko white illuminating cotton pads that has a knitted texture surface for minor exfoliating over my face

Cotton pad position in place with the plastic ring locking the pad in place. The unit also comes with an extra replacement ring (I just hope they don't break easily or I will have a hard time finding out where to get them!) The Naruko cotton pads are a tad too thick for this purpose and I have to yet find a thinner cotton pad for this purpose:

Saturating the positioned cotton pads with Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA liquid with salicylic acid:

Cleansing mode (weak) in action, cotton pad is fully saturated:

Micro-Pat mode : designed for daily use without cotton pad, after face spray toner on face in order to keep it wet and moist to avoid dry burns, personally I like to use SANA Hadanomy Collagen Mist or Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moist Mist

Moisturize mode : designed for daily use, along with a clean piece of cotton pad soaked in a moisturizing non gel-based toner, personally I use it with SK-II Facial Treatment Essence and the absorption is phenomenal!

Because this SK-II Facial Treatment Essence does not necessarily comes cheap, I chose a thinner cotton pad I have at home and it's also smoother so it's easier to glide over my face. Moisturizing mode in action:

Cooling Esthetic mode : designed for daily use, when this mode is turned on, the metal piece becomes ice cold and it's supposed to shrink pore sizes (around nose area) with continuous use. And it will be an excellent cooling device in hot summer months too! I normally use this mode after I pat on moisturizer, the final step of my nightly skincare routine.

[Small note: for both the cleansing and moisturizing modes I notice the cotton pads are starting to feel a tad dry after the 3rd minute. When the cotton pads becomes dry, it is increasingly difficult to glide the machine around my face.]

[How dirty is my face?]

I didn't know my face is that dirty.... and given that I cleanse my face with Clarisonic pro in the shower daily.... beware of some disgusting dirty cotton pads below!

Left-most: a brand new clean piece of cotton pad
Middle: normal manual toning with Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA liquid with salicylic acid after regular cleansing with Clarionsic pro
Right-most: Cleansing mode with Hitachi Hada CRiE along with Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA liquid with salicylic acid

GROSS!!!! See how much dirt junk it is hiding inside my pores.... manually cleaning, even with Clarisonic is not that effective! And no wonder I still have breakouts from time to time!

[Highlights of Hitachi Hada Crie]
  • Despite instructions online and in the manual for this CM-N1000 model is all in Japanese, you can refer to the manual of CM-N810. I love the function that it knows when the metal part is not touching my skin and it was stops or resume depending on the contact.
  • Using Hitachi Hada CRiE I was able to see how much dirt and grime was captured in the used cotton pads (see above image) It is quite disgusting but at least you know the dirt is on the cotton pad that you are planning to throw away, but not on your face!
  • I hate how sometimes cleaning with the clarisonic made my skin felt it was being over-exfoliated or the very tight and taut (dry) feeling on your face – The cleansing mode effectively pulled dirt out from your face, minus the abrasive effects of the clarisonic. The latter steps allow you to moisturize is a plus too, I love how clean and balanced it can be!
  • Since using my Hitachi Hada CRiE, the possiblity of breakouts (even hormonal) reduced,  and sometimes with breakouts I used anti-acne products that can be too drying, but this machine keep the dry areas moisturized. When using my Creme de La Mer prior to using Hitachi Hada CRiE, the cream is a tad heavy and my skin tends to be a little greasy. With Hitachi Hada CRiE I notice using Creme de La Mer is no longer greasy on me, a good indication that my skin is absorbing the good stuff. Appearance of fine lines and pore sizes are gradually improving!
  •  I wish it has the refresh mode as well. But I figure out I can use my HABA ion machine for that purpose and that is exactly why I didn't opt in for the CM-N810 model. But the light weight and wireless ability is really tempting!


After 15 days of continuous use (about half a month), these used cotton pads reflect the results:

Yeah, I know it's kind of disgusting to collect all these used cotton pads.... but for the sake of documenting the effectiveness of this device, I have collected these for a while.... and if you look closely, day 1 is particularly dirtier (and it's my first use afterall).... while I do not expect my used cotton pads will look purely white overtime, after all my face does produce greasy and dirt from the atmosphere will keep coming to clog my pores, I notice the bottom row is definitely "less dirty" (not as gray) than the top row.

Bravo! Let the quest for a healthier clog-free skincare routine begins!