Monday, April 30, 2012

Authentic and Fake Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner

Yes, I became a victim of buying fake makeup items off the internet.

Since my holy grail dolly wink eyeliner is drying out on me, and my local Asian supermarket's dolly wink liquid liner went out of stock for a few weeks, I decided to purchase it over the internet...

Then I got myself in this funny mess, a very high quality replica of the dolly wink liquid eyeliner...

Let's jump right into the comparison!

On the first glance, both packaging looks highly similar, front and back:

Now, taking a closer look at the front:

Apart from subtle color differences between the authentic package and the fake package, I circled out 6 difference on the front of both packages:
1. A sentence by Tsubasa was missing and the fake one has centered the writings.
2. Image of Tsubasa Masuwaka is replaced by "24h" and missing the endorsement by Tsubasa
3. Image of the liner tip is different. The authentic one has a black plastic tip.
4. The authentic package is by KOJI while the fake one is by Fairy Girl (I thought there is a brand called Fairy Drops??)

Moving on to the back of the packaging:

Very close, both retails at 1200 yen. Differences:
1. Dorsement "Tsubasa's Favorite Point" has been removed on the fake one.
2. Entirely difference company and company addresses. The real one is made by Koji while the fake one is made by Fairy Girl. Both have company and factory address in the same citys in Chiba and Tokyo, but slightly different postal code.

Now, moving on to the actual liquid liner:

From the first glance, the most obvious difference is the real dolly wink has a black cap versus the fake one has the same pink base purple poka dots pattern. The printing seems to be a bit muted on the fake one as well.

You can see more clearly what I meant by the muted poka dots in the picture below. The dots doesn't seem to be that "high" of resolution. At the end of the pen, the real one has a hollow indentation while the fake one doesn't have a hollow. Also the fake one has a raised lip at the edge too:

On to the more interesting part. You see how messy tip of the fake one is. Ink is everywhere. The real dolly wink has a black plastic tip and the brush itself has the typical calligraphy brush tip while the fake one is a spongy felt-pen tip (I guess this means less flexible with drawing a fine line?):

Moving on to swatches. Surprisingly the fake Dolly Wink seems to be blacker and more pigmented. And I can also draw a fine line as well. Surprise...

Overall, a very interesting investigation. But I doubt if I would want to use the fake Dolly Wink as I am not sure its ingredient and having to apply eyeliner so close to my eyes I am afraid it have harmful ingredients in the liquid eyeliner.

The seller of this fake eyeliner claims it is just the same company that makes it but with a different packaging. But I think it's more than packaging. I am pretty sure this is totally BS and it's just a replica. Oh well... into the landfill it goes and money wasted!

What do you guys think about this fake dolly wink? Do leave a note :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Lunasol Pure Petal Eyes #01 Sweet Peach and #03 Soft Beige

This spring was all about roses.... you see makeup items incorporate rose details in their product, like Anna Sui, Christian Dior, Les Merveilleuses de Laduree, and here in Lunasol/

I am a big fan of beige and neutral palettes, so I picked up #01 Sweet Peach and #03 Soft Beige.

This season's inspiration comes from the soft looks of a peach flower. So I was immediately drawn to the name "Peach". And I had a hard time deciding between #01 Sweet Peach and #03 Soft Beige so I just hauled both of them. The darkest color in #02 Clear Pink looks quite similar with another deep gray I have in my Lunasol collection, and plus I am not sure how pinks will look on me, so I hesitated and skipped (I was proved wrong! See below)

#01 Sweet Peach under sun
#01 Sweet Peach under shade

EOTD on #01 Sweet Peach:

(a little sheer to show up on my NC-25 skin.... big sigh!)

#03 Soft Beige under sun

#03 Soft Beige under shade

(again, a little sheer to show up on my NC-25 skin.... big sigh, again!)

Swatches of both #01 Sweet Peach and #03 Soft Beige side by side:

#01 swatches to the left and #03 swatches to the right, both under sunlight

#01 swatches to the left and #03 swatches to the right, both under shade

Both #01 and #03 appear to be sheer and very shimmery. Both  shade A's (the one with the lovely rose embossing) are over layering shimmers that hardly show up in the swatches above, but they are more sparkly in person. And shade B's hardly show up on my skintone and  they remain quite sheer and does not reflect its color in the pan.

So, overall I am a bit disappointed with the 2 lunasol spring palettes as they are quite sheer and doesn't show up on my NC-25 skin. But if you are looking for a work appropriate setting. 

(well, still feel it is a bummer....!!)

I love shimmers so it is ok, but I will consider hauling #02 Clear Pink (after seeing Miss-Elainnio's swatches, the colors looks more pigmented) if I can find a good deal in near future to complete this season's collection!

Monday, April 16, 2012

SUQQU Blend Color Eyeshadow 08 Mizuaoi

SUQQU Blend Color Eyes in 08 Mizuaoi was released in Fall of 2011, and along with 07 Komorebi, they joined SUQQU's permanent line-up of eyeshadow palettes.

08 Mizuaoi 水葵 is named for the aquatic plant Monochoria korsakowii.

One day when I was browsing online at Ebay, I came across this 08 Mizuaoi for $50usd shipped. Normally SUQQU palettes retails for $80+ and normally for expensive brands like SUQQU I would purchase earth tones so I can use them on a normal day to day basis... but $50 is too good to pass and so I just snatched it and try to be adventurous!

It arrived within 3 days I won the auction, and it comes with its sleek black little packaging:

Detailed description and ingredient list at the back:

Like other expensive palettes, SUQQU's eyeshadows comes with a velvet pouch. And SUQQU's palettes are a minimalist shiny black plastic casing, that reminds me of a nicely polished grand piano, which is also a fingerprint magnet:

Back of the casing, 6 grams of product that would have cost over 7140 yen (roughly $91US) that is actually quite pricey! I am lucky to have scored at close to 50% off!

As I have mentioned, I don't normally go for purples, pinks and blues with eyeshadows, but this palette have every color that I don't normally get... but hey, sometimes I gotta do something different once in a while (*blush*.... another excuse for excessive hauling!)

A closer look at 08 Mizuaoi. the 4 seperate colors are actually elevated "plateaus".... without much embossing or spray on, SUQQU is always going for the minimalist approach...

The colors that this palette offer is actually quite pretty to look at, and you can already see the shimmery and pearly texture with the close up taken under shade:

under shade

under sun

From divelaboutfrivol's blog, her description of the 4 colors:

A: Peach pink has the largest shimmer particles (which are still very refined and completely undetectable by feel), distributed more sparsely within the oyster pink base, of yellow, green, copper and (very occasionally) blue.

B: Sky-blue, which is packed with fine micro-shimmer, in various iridescent hues of blue and grey, with the occasional hint of pink

C: Plum-purple, a pigmented satin with extremely fine pink and blue micro-shimmer scattered throughout

D: Matte white that does not goes on chalky at all, perfectly smooth and silky

Each shade contains aspects of the others, and the play of light on water ripples back and forth between them.

With just 1 swipe on the eyeshadows with my fingers.... how pigmented and smooth these eyeshadow are!

under sun
under shade

under sun
under shade
EOTD with 08 Mizuaoi:

A very soft pastel-y purple hues that is non powdery or chalky, and is very wearable and subtle. I love how smooth and silky this eyeshadow is... and no issues with glitter or liner color fall out... I can see why SUQQU is targeting professional woman as their main audience... this is certainly work appropriate!

Overall I am very happy with SUQQU products as they are very high quality.... but the price point has always been a turn off.

For the upcoming spring 2012 collection, I am lemming over #11 Himeosango after seeing this swatch picture on the post (and also I have special affections with the name, as hime=princess in Japanese):

.... as warm toned neutrals are my kind of eyeshadow, and I particularly like the taupe-y swatch on the upper right, it is really my cup of tea.... I just have to justify my purchase....

And along with the new spring SUQQU releases, I am also interested in their new Dual Effect Powder Foundation SPF25 PA++ , it will be released on March 23. It will be available in 6 shades and retail at 10,500yen for 11g (or 8400yen for the refill).

Also, I am eyeing over their first sunblock with SPF50 PA+++, Face Protector 50 (6300yen, 30g), to be released on April 20.

And along with the most discussed blusher along the blogger world, the Les Merveilleuses de Laduree rose petal blushers, I think this spring/summer I will be filing for Chapter 11 very shortly!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

May Blog Sale!

Interested? Please email me at
This is also my Paypal address!
As always first come first serve, thanks! 
Prices and shipping are not negotiable. Please don´t ask!

Within the United States-US$3 for the first item and US$1 per additional item. If you order 5 or more items, shipping rates will be adjusted accordingly (ie, if items fit in a flat rate envelop). 

Outside the United States-US$7 for the first item and US$2.5 per additional item
Registered Mail: add US$11.75 per order, optional

Payment: I can only accept Paypal payment via GIFT OPTION, all transaction fees incur to the buyer.

Please note there is 
no refund or return. If you want to make sure that the postal service is responsible for damaged or lost mail please purchase registered mail!

Most items come unboxed but not all... if there is a box it will be shown on the pic. Compacts might have minor scratches which will not be noted individually.
Applicators and powder puffs are probably used but this will not be listed individually. Please do not purchase if this concerns you!

I always try to include freebies^^Orders of 2 or more items generally come with an extra goodie =)


1. Lunasol 2012 Summer limited edition Petal Pure Eyes EX01 Fresh Pink, brand new with box 
$60 ($100 for 2 if you buy both EX01 and EX02)

2. Lunasol 2012 Summer limited edition Petal Pure Eyes EX02 Coral Pink, brand new with box 
$60 ($100 for 2 if you buy both EX01 and EX02)

3. Lunasol 2012 Summer limited edition Glowing Powder Cheeks EX03 Pure Coral Pink, brand new with box 
$43 ($130 for all 3 pcs summer LE collection if you buy EX01, EX02 and EX03)

4. Jill Stuart lipstick in 16 Pink Wink, swatched 2x

5.  Esprique Precious Dress on Moist Rouge, used 2x

6. Chanel Joues Constrate powder blush in 65 Espiegle, retails $43, swatched once only

7. Paul and Joe Creamy Matte Foundation in 20 color (Flesh), 30ml, over 85% left, comes with original box if requested (not photographed), original price $45

8. Paul and Joe Protective Fluid Foundation  in 102 color (Nude), 30ml, used 4x, comes with original box if requested (not photographed), original price $45

9. Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF15, 30ml, color: Warm Beige 3.5, retails $46 over 70% remaining

10. Coffret D'or LP stay fix UV Base, SPF25, PA++, 25ml, retails 3150 yen+shipping, used 5x

11. (Asian Edition) Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream SPF 26 in Natural shade, 18ml (50% remaining) and Clear Smooth Shine Free Face Powder SPF 18 in Natural, 9g (80% remaining)

12. MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Medium,  10g/0.35 US oz, about 80% remaining. $29 retail

13. DHC Platinum White Base Makeup Lasting White Color Base, 35 PA++ (Asian edition, made in Japan, not available on DHC US website), used 2x


1. Estee Lauder Brilliant Cells Extra Intensive BB cream SPF35 PA+++, 30ml, retails $51, used less than 4x

2. Ettusais BB mineral cream SPF30 PA++, 40g, color: 10 for lighter skin tones, retails 1800 yen+shipping, swatched once, wrong color for me.

3. Lunasol Water Gel Foundation, SPF25 PA++, 30g, color: OC-04, retails 4500 yen+shipping, swatched once, wrong color for me.

4.  Lunasol Water Gel Foundation, SPF25 PA++, 30g, color: OC-02, retails 4500 yen+shipping, at least 70% remaining, no box.

5. Lunasol Watery Makeup Base, SPF25 PA++, 30g, retails 3500 yen+shipping, swatched once

6. Lunasol Pore Covering Base, 20g, retails 3000 yen+shipping, used 5x

7. Rhoto Hado Labo BB Moist Cream, SPF32, PA+++, 45g, color: natural ochre, retails $19.50 from Adam Beauty, used less than 5 times

8. Rhoto Hado Labo BB Moist Emulsion, SPF50, PA+++, 40ml, color: natural beige, retails $19.50 from Adam Beauty, used less than 5 times

9. Sofina Raycious Sheer Colors, 15g, color: peach, retails 1800 yen, used less than 3 times

10. Shu Uemura face architect glow enhancing powder foundation, color 764(medium light beige, warm undertone) + special edition powder foundation case by mika ninagawa (2011) cherry blossom case (discontinued), no sponge applicator (I can clean the one that came with it if desired), used less than 10x, retail $46

11. Missha Signature Real Complete B.B. Cream , SPF25, PA++, 45g, color: 23, retails $45.99, Brand New, never used

12. Missha Perfect Cover B.B. Cream , SPF42, PA+++, 50ml, color: 23, retails $29.99, over 70% remaining

13. Missha M B.B. Boomer , SPF42, PA+++, 40ml, retails $24.99, used 2x

14. Dior Diorskin Nude, SPF10, 30ml, color: Peach 023, retails $47 over 90% remaining,

15.  Bobbi Brown EXTRA Repair Foundation SPF25 , 30ml, color: Sand 2, retails $55 swatched once (wrong color for me)

16. Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation primer UVA/UVB SPF 15 with Dermaxyl Complex, retails $42, used 2x

17. NARS The Multiple makeup stick, Color: Copacabana (glistening pearl), retails $39 over 70% remaining

18. NARS Pro-Prime skin smoothing face prep, retails $30, over 80% remaining

19. MAC Select SPF 15 Moistureblend in NW30, 50% remaining 


Contains brushes: 168SE, 187SE, 209SE, 219SE, and 252 SE
Retails for $65+
Two sets available:
-gently used but thoroughly cleaned set, original pouch unused, box still available. $35
-a brand new unused set, box will be flattened for the ease of shipping. $48

Contains brushes: 129SE, 190SE, 227SE, 212SE, and 275 SE
Retails for $65+
Two sets available:
-gently used but thoroughly cleaned set, original pouch unused, box still available. $35
-a brand new unused set, box will be flattened for the ease of shipping. $48

Shipping will be via USPS flat rate padded envelop, $5.95 for domestic US and $17.95 for international addresses.


1. Lunasol Petal Pure Eyes 01 Sweet Peach, used 3x $45

2. Lunasol Petal Pure Eyes 03 Soft Beige, used 3x $45

3. Lunasol Three Dimensional Eyes 01 Neutral Beige, used 3x $43
($80 if you buy 2 of the 3D eyes collection, or $115 if you buy all 3 of the 3D eyes collection)

4. Lunasol Three Dimensional Eyes 03 Mysterious Beige, brand new $55
($80 if you buy 2 of the 3D eyes collection, or $115 if you buy all 3 of the 3D eyes collection)

5. Lunasol Three Dimensional Eyes 05 Deep Beige, used 3x $43
($80 if you buy 2 of the 3D eyes collection, or $115 if you buy all 3 of the 3D eyes collection)

6. Lunasol Nature Color Eyes 01 Nature Blue, used a 4x $35

7. Jill Stuart Jewel Crystal Eyes 07 Sweet Amethyst, used a few times $38

8. Coffret D'Or Jewelicious Eyes 01 color Citrine Green, new in box and unopened (still in shrink wrap) $28

9. Coffret D'Or Jewelicious Eyes 04 color Amber Beige, new in box and unopened (still in shrink wrap) $25

10. Kose Esprique Blend Dimensional Eyes B-1 Deep, used 2x $28

9. Kanebo KATE Crystallize Quartz Eyeshadow in GN-1, used 2x $18

10. Kanebo KATE Crystallize Quartz Eyeshadow in BR-1, used 2x $18
11. Kanebo KATE Crystallize Quartz Eyeshadow in BR-2, used 2x $18
(buy both BR-1 and BR-2 for $32)

12. Kanebo KATE Wide Edge Eyes in PU-1, used 2x $18

13. Kose Fasio Chandelier Shine Eyes in BR-2, used 2x $16

14. Shiseido Hydro Powder eyeshadow H13 Clover Dew Trefle, no box, swatched 1x $18

15. ID Bare Minerals eye color - Azure, 80% remaining

16. ID Bare Minerals eye color - Bamboo, 80% remaining

17.  Shu Uemura Luster Gel Pearl for face/body, 80% remaining

18. Shu Uemura GLOW-ON Blush in Antique Orange, swatched once

19. Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow in HEAT, 70% remaining

20. Canmake Eyeshadow Base, used 2x

21 Visee highlight/shimmer powder, white, 90% remaining

22. AUBE eye shimmer powder in 02, Pink, 60% remaining

23. AUBE eye shimmer powder in 01, Beige White, 70% remaining

24. Bourjois Paris shimmer eyeshadow powder in 08 Regard bleu insolite, 90% remaining

25. Dior holicay collection makeup palette for the eyes 801, used 4x, sponge applicator unused.

26. Fake lashes, very natural and soft, 2 pairs in the box, brand new in box

27. Shiseido Majolica Majorca Jeweling Eyes Eyeshadow in BL-711, used 2x 

28. Kanebo Lavshuca Custom Selective Eyes in BR-3, 90% remaining 

29. Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink, used 1x

30. RMK Brown Eyes in 03 Red Brown, 80% remaining 
$25 (paid over 4725yen for it)

31. Kanebo KATE Gel Eyeshadow in BG-1, Brand New with Box 

32. MAC Starflash eyeshadow in Dreammaker, used 2x, $10

33. MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Face Powder Semi-Precious in Rose Quartz, brand new, $30

34. MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Face Powder Semi-Precious in Pearl, brand new, $30