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SUQQU Blend Color Eyeshadow 11 Himesango

Along with my haul for SUQQU Blend Color Eyeshadow #11 Himesango, which is part of SUQQU 2012 Spring collection. Himesango in Japanese Kanji is 姬珊瑚 [=princess, 珊瑚=coral], roughly translate "Coral Princess", which is quite a novel idea. 

I particularly love the taupe shade on the upper right and the peachy shade (though I am pretty sure it will not show up on my NC-25 skin) and this color combination is similar to #05 Sakurakaba, a palette that I regret not picking up. I think both Himesango and Sakurakaba are sisters, they belong to the same pretty pink and warm neutral group!

Reika of Front Row Beauty has her full in depth review and beautiful EOTD look of this awesome palette here. Iris of Rouge Deluxe has her share of this wonderful palette here.

The older Blend eyeshadow palettes has a total of 6.7g of products while the newer Blend Color eyeshadow palettes has a total of 6.5g. While the newer ones from this Spring 2012, numbers 09, 10, and 11 have only 5.5g of total product! We are getting less and and less product while the price kept going up!

Instead of the usual 4 colors in a pan that SUQQU offers, the spring collection comes with 5 colors with an additional strip of deep liner color at the lower left pan . Other than being attracted to such a novel name "Himesango," as a taupe and neutral palette junkie, I went for this palette. SUQQU always deliver the highest quality-densely pressed and smoothly milled eyeshadows, and the pigmentation of this range in particular is richer and more vibrant than its previous quad collection. 

When comparing the texture, Himesango is super buttery and velvety... what a luxurious sensation!! As usual, SUQQU offers a matte highlighter shade which is the ivory white in the lower right, but this has a slight sheen to it. A picture from Rouge Deluxe's post best capture this sheen:

This ivory white shade is non-chalky at all and provides a very good base/canvas for the following color application. The other 3 colors (top row and bottom left) are shimmery shades that glides on to my eyelids silky smooth and contain the finest micro-shimmer.

Moving on to a closer look of this awesome eyeshadow quad #11 Himesango:

The colors offered in this palette are foolproof and they layer together beautifully is actually a cool taupe with a slight hint of shimmer on the top two shades in the quad. But compare to the newer SUQQU eyeshadows, this palette is is not as shimmery and the colors are more subtle, hence more work appropriate.

A closer look at #11 Himesango:

sunlight from the right
sunlight from the left
under shade

A quick description of the 4 colors in the pan:

A: Shimmery peachy pink with very noticeable refined silver shimmers and very fine pink shimmers. It is the most shimmery shade out of the quad,  This shade is a warm pink peach shade in the pan but unfornately the true pink colors does not show up on my NC-25 skin, but I think it will work for fairer ladies. When applied to my lids, it appears to be more of a silvery finish. Texture of this is extremely smooth, and no fall-outs during application.

B: The loveliest warm taupe color of my entire eyeshadow stash, which is packed with fine micro gold and silver shimmer(barely noticeable), with a nice sheen, in various iridescent hues of taupe, grey, with the occasional hint of cool brown

C: A pigmented dark chocolate matte shade on the left strip to be used for lining, ultra smooth with no fall out when applying. The larger right strip is a lovely warm brown satin, which is also very smooth on application with extremely fine gold and bronze micro-shimmer occasionally scattered throughout, which is very flattering for my NC-25 skin tone. 

D: Ivory white with the slighest pearly sheen to it when looking at an angle, but when it goes on to the eyes it is not chalky at all, perfectly smooth, silky, and provides an excellent canvas base before applying any of the above A, B, or C colors.

Texture of this palette overall is extremely smooth and velvety, and no fall-outs during application, which fulfill my expectations for SUQQU eyeshadows. I think pigmentation and silkiness of the new 2011/2012 Blend Color Eyeshadow range in general is much than the earlier Blend Eyeshadow range from 2010 or prior. Applying these colors is like applying silky on to my eyes, and I did not experience any fading or fall outs for a good 10 hour day of wear.

With one swipe with my finger tips:

Swatches at the back of my hand:

under sun

normal indoor lighting
under shade

slightly blurred to show the shimmers in A, B and C

I truely think this palette is very appropriate for work with a subtle balance of pigmentation and shimmer. This is one of my favorite SUQQU palettes in my collection.

EOTD with #11 Himesango:

Finally, ending with a FOTD:

Eyes: SUQQU Blend Color Shadow #11 Himesango
Brows: B&C Labo Browlash EX Eyebrow pencil and liquid (grayish brown)
Cheeks: SUQQU Nuancing Cheeks Ex-02 Akanemizu reviewed here
Face: base-Sonia Rykiel Smoothing Gel Base, foundation-SUQQU Frame Fix Foundation
Lips: Sofina AUBE couture lipstick in RD 504 and Sofina AUBE Couture Designing Premium Rouge in  RD 595 in the center of the lips for highlight.

A very soft warm taupe hues that is non powdery or chalky, and is very wearable and subtle. As always, I love how smooth and silky SUQQU eyeshadow can offer... and no issues with glitter or liner color fall out... which is very work appropriate! I can see why SUQQU is targeting professional woman as their main audience.

Final Thoughts...

SUQQU palette, as usual, are of exceptionally high quality.... and I was very grateful for my friend who has helped me CP this well sought-after palette from Selfridges. Though SUQQU's price point is high, the warm neutral colors offered in this palette is really well composed and suitable for any day or night occasion. In the end, I would still save up and add it to my stash of prized collection. And not to mention, I love the novelty of the naming of this palette, Himesango!

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