Monday, June 4, 2012

Love Package from Bangbangsheshoots^^ Woot!

Nic Nic from Bangbangsheshoots emailed me a few days ago that she dropped off a package to me from Japan and it showed up in within 3 days!!! That's some uber lightening fast EMS speed!

Anyways, I have been following Nic Nic's blog for over a year now and when it comes to makeup, the rule of "the grass is always greener on the other side" always apply.... She blogs about her findings of little Japanese drugstore makeup gems and was curious on all the youtube raves over the most talked about Revlon lip butters or L'oreal Infallibles eyeshadows.... But I still think that Japanese drugstore are far more superior...

It was not until lately that Nic Nic spotted some 8 shades of Revlon lip butter that showed up at her local drugstores retailing at 1575 yen (US$20+) while we have 20 shades here with a retail of $7.99 plus occasional buy one get second one for 50% off.

So we decided to do a mini swap, and I don't even remember what I sent her... I just grabbed the best the drugstores has to offer here (based on my own reviews because unlike Japan, we don't have testers out there so it's basically a hit or miss). As Nic Nic has a ton of fans she has collected quite a few lippies or infallible shades while I was in the process of compiling a swap package for her.... and once the summer infallibles color (Pink Sapphire, Imperial Gold and 408 Gleaming Bronze) showed up in store, I immediately grabbed it and send over to her in a separate mail so it reach to her soon! Oh and I remember I stuffed a Fekkai shampoo in and she was sort of freaked out at how heavy (like a baby) my package was when it reached her.

So when Nic Nice is trying to get items from Japan, I didn't really know what I would like and I basically told her anything you think work for you will work for me, and if there are some limited sets from the drugstore, that will be great. But interestingly there aren't much "limited" items release this summer, compared to previous months! But Nic Nic manage to get me very cool items!

Anyways, cutting my crap and moving on to Nic's package. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw my favorite postman stopped by today with a package from Japan that I need to sign for. And it's looking a big bag of makeup goodies!

Peeking into the package:

Nice and carefully wrapped... my heart's pounding, so excited:

Layout of the contents of this love package from Nic Nic:

That seems to be a lot of goodies stuffed away in this little package?!!

She sent me a lot of masks and the cute sexy look masks from Hello Kitty! And I have heard great things about Neutrogena masks. Interestingly though Neutrogena is a US brand, we don't have the sheet masks range here, it seems like it is an Asian only line:

SANA Hadonomy Aquaplacenta Mist:

Which coincidentally, Momo-chan sent me another one in the pink SANA Hadanomy Collagen Mist limited edition version to me in a separate love package:

There was a small story behind this SANA Hadanomy mist. Shortly after Nic Nic dropped off her package at the post office she got a call from the postman asking what the spray is about.... perhaps the postman in Japan is very good and efficient in what they do, and luckily she was able to resolve it by saying it's not alcohol/aerospray liquid.

In the eyeshadow department:

And this is something new, Kiss My Eyes Glamorize Shadow in BR-1. I find the name funny as I immediately thought of "kiss my a$$" (sorry, I just had a terrible encounter with a weirdo a few days ago, and I have been moody since!):

And Nic got me Lavshuca Pure Blossoming Eyes Limited Edition Set for me, and Musing of the Muse has a thorough review here. I think the eyeshadow packaging looks very similar to my existing Lavshuca palettes with a different swirl pattern for the eyeshadow layout and floral prints all over the outer casing.

Comparison between the older Lavshuca packaging (left) and the new Lavshuca packaging (right):

Blush department, we have Majolica Majorca Blood cheeks (See Musing of the Muse's review here), Kiss Mix Heart Cheeks (so cute with a heart design, reminded me of MAC's Sakura blush), and Canmake cream cheek in #13 Love Peach:

In the lip gloss and eye pencil department. I was immediately drawn to the kitty eyeliner.... awww so cute (the can it be any cuter kind of look)!!! I never seen it! And Nic raved about the K-Palette 1 day Tattoo a lot in her blog, I can't wait to try it!!!

And finally, the base department. I have always wanted to try Anessa's BB cream and here it is, Nice sent over hers to me because it's a tad too dark on her... I actually dont mind it at all because I would like to find good homes to my base products that doesn't work out for me either..... I am so excited to try this new BB cream! (but I still have lemmings for the new Hada-Labo and Nanoce BB creams too!!!! oh no!!!)

So the above concludes the makeup swaps. It will take me a while to try and review everything single item, but I plan to do it over the course of this summer. I know for a fact that the first thing I will be trying is the Anessa BB cream!!!

Thank you Nic Nic, you have open up my eyes to brands that I cannot get from US based websites or ebay stores that sell Japanese drugstore. Particularly the brand Kiss My Eyes, I can't wait to review them and try them out!

Thanks Nic, <3


Anonymous said...

Hope you like everything!!!

Yin said...

Oh wow. LOTS OF PRODUCTS TO TRY. :) The amount of sheet masks you have now will last you ageeess :)

Jian said...

Wow! Lots of lovely things for you to try out~~!

Cutie Fishball said...

@Yin, I actually a few more boxes of sheet masks that you don't know of.... that's going to last me forever... (sometimes I am too lazy to put them on)

@Jian, ya, that is especially generous of Nic!! A lot of the stuff she sent over I can't even get online or ebay! I really love everything and I need to try one by one!