Monday, July 2, 2012

SUQQU Nuancing Cheeks EX-03 Akanemizu

Along with SUQQU 2012 Spring collection Blend Color Eyeshadow #11 Himesango, I have also hauled one of their Nuancing Cheeks in EX-03 Akanemizu. This my second SUQQU blusher. Akanemizu in Japanese Kanji is 茜水 [=brilliant red, =water], roughly translate "a watery brilliant red", which is quite a vivid imaginary painting concept in itself.

EX-03 Akanemizu is an extremely wearable and non-overwhelming warmed toned blusher shade that works in perfect harmony with my NC-25 skin tone. When it comes to blush I tend to like those that are not overwhelmingly pigmented (to avoid looking like a monkey's butt when I am applying blushers at a hurry), nor too sheer or it will not show up on my NC-25 skin tone.

Nuancing Cheeks offers a lovely combination of a duo pan blusher palette: a rosy pink color on the left and a coral pink color on the right. 

The blush compact comes in the usual SUQQU black lacquer packaging, which is a super fingerprint magnet but very sleek and sexy to look at. The included blush brush is of very high quality and probably one of the best brush included in any palettes that I have ever owned. The bristles are made out of horse hair and it is so soft upon application---it is non-scratchy and after using for a few times, there is no issue with any bristle shedding. And it does its job very well, by picking up the right amount of blush and blending it evenly on my cheeks.

SUQQU Nuancing Cheeks retails at £38 each and contains 3.8g of product. Overall a very good buy given the price and how long a blusher can last me. Unlike Chanel, SUQQU's blushers does not come scented. Quality and color are the two most important decision making factors when it comes to blushers.

The left rosy pink color appear to be more like a satin and have subtle shimmers throughout, while the right coral pink color is more of a satin matte with very sparse occasional flecks of shimmers (and larger as well) in the pan. But again these shimmers are very subtle and unless you put a direct spot light over the blush duo, you will not see the flecks of shimmers. When applying to my cheeks, there are some noticeable silver sparkles, but not dramatically overwhelming. The tone of this warm coral blush compliments well with my complexion and a with a light hand it warms up my NC-25 skin tone nicely. Lasting power is decent and it lasted me over 8+ hours for the entire day out.

Iris of Rouge Deluxe has her share of this wonderful blush palette here.
Drivel About Frivol offers an in depth description and swatches from all of the three blush duo included in SUQQU spring 2012 collection. 

Below is a photo taken in the shade, the colors appear to be cooler than what it is supposed to be:

A closer look at EX-03 Akanemizu:

under sun, by the window

under sun, at another angle

Here the right coral color appears to be a more satin matte finish compared to the left rosy pink color.

This picture here shows the right coral shade has some sparse distribution of flecks of shimmer:

taken partially under shade


under sunlight

by the window
under shade

under diffused indoor lighting during the day, noticeable shimmers

I truely think this duo blusher is very appropriate for work with a subtle balance of pigmentation and shimmer. This is fool proof choice for those who doesn't have the luxury of time to apply blush then blend, blend, and blend to perfect the look, it's a ready to go kind of blusher.

Finally, ending with a FOTD:

Eyes: SUQQU Blend Color Shadow #11 Himesango reviewed here
Brows: B&C Labo Browlash EX Eyebrow pencil and liquid (grayish brown)
Cheeks: SUQQU Nuancing Cheeks Ex-02 Akanemizu 
Face: base-Sonia Rykiel Smoothing Gel Base, foundation-SUQQU Frame Fix Foundation
Lips: Sofina AUBE couture lipstick in RD 504 and Sofina AUBE Couture Designing Premium Rouge in  RD 595 in the center of the lips for highlight.

Final Thoughts...

SUQQU makeup products never fail me. This Nuancing Cheeks, in particular, compliments my NC-25 skin color very well with a hint of warm rosy/coral tone. The shimmers are barely noticeable and the amount of pigmentation is just right for me, with a good 8+ hours of wear time. A quick few strokes on my cheeks is what I need and I will be ready to go with a flush of color on my face. It is definitely a great buy for me, a truly a great collectible classic for a makeup junkie like me!


Beauty Box said...

What a lovely shade...And loved the EOTD for the post on the eyeshadow palette you got. I've got some vouchers lying around and I have been wondering if I should get SUQQU or SKII or Chanel...

Cutie Fishball said...

If you are planning to get point makeup, go for SUQQU, as their skincare line doesn't really work for my combination skin... for skincare, go for SKII!

For Chanel, you should just get them from the US or when you are in duty free... I guess they are really marked up in JP!!!

I admit I am in love with the novelty on how SUQQU named their palettes... it's very workable and appropriate for work!

Beauty Box said...

Hi cutie fishball, thanks for your comment on YT. I thought it would be better to reply you via your blog :)

It's very sweet you would like to meet me in person. If you are free on Saturday afternoon (I am available after 1pm; will be in the Midtown area), I'll be happy to meet up. You can drop me an email if your appointment is confirmed in NYC. Would you like anything from Tokyo? Would be happy to do a swap if you like. Even if we can't meet up, I can post your goodies to you in the US. But let me know fast because I only have tomorrow to do any shopping. Hope to hear from you soon! My email is beautyboxonline [at] gmail [dot] com.