Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Love Package from Momo-chan^^ (pics heavy!)

Momo-chan has been my very resourceful buddy from Japan and have been helping me to source different Japan exclusive items and ship them to me. We have been exchanging swaps for quite sometime now. However, since she has been volunteering in her kid's kindergarten, she has been extremely busy and had pushed off sending things to me for quite sometime.

Then out of the blue I received her package!!!

As usual, Momo-chan's package has been full of surprises. A quick peek as I open up the box:

Inside the box there lay a pretty shopping bag with some lovely hand-written notes. She mentioned earlier that she got me some yummy chocolate lucky bags (福袋) and here it is... so cute!

Full line up of the items in the parcel:

From the cosmetic department, these are the long awaited CP loot!

From SUQQU, the fall 2011 face powder and a discontinued palette from Japan Yahoo Auctions, along with generous foundation samples from the counter:

ADDICTION blush in Gorgeous and cream cheek stick (can be double up as a lipstick as well) in African Sunset, heard a lot of great things about this line that is so similar to NARS.   ADDICTION (a JP department store brand, not a drugstore brand) was started by Miss Ayako who used to work for NARS as their international makeup director. This is probably one of the main reasons there are a lot of NARS similarities amongst the offerings from this brand. Though NARS has decent color payoff in their lineup, I don't really like their rubbery finishes to all of their packaging. I like ADDICTION because it has a sleeker design, well, all things Japanese to me always sound better!) Can't wait to try them:

Albion makeup pouch packed full of samples:

From the drugstore makeup loot:

Various mascaras and eyeliners from Kiss Me Heroine Make, Dejavu Fiberwig, and K-palette:

Mascara, eyeshadow and eyeliner from Kanebo Kate, and a couple of eyeshadows from Visee. I have been loving the packaging and the color pay off from Visee and in particular I am very fond of their limited edition range, for this round I am getting the limted edition range from Visee X Allia Alla, Visee X Smacky Glam, and Visee meets blondy:

And a lipstick from Lavchusa (BE-6, a beige tone, my favorite lip color!), L'oreal eye contour Revitalift (I think we have a similar range in the US, but interesting to see the JP version and see if the JP version is better...) and the SANA Hadanomy facial mist in a limited heart shape bottle edition (I have been loving this mist and woot for the limited edition!) and a Country Stream Eau de Toilette in Muscat note, a very refreshing scent for summer months:

Now moving to the sweets section, Mary Chocolate lucky bag, it was highly recommended to me, as Momo-chan said it's absolutely delicious:

Then there is a bag of lovely Valentine's day chocolate presents, too cute to be unpacked:

Momo-chan's mama was also very nice to send me a very pretty chirimen coin purse with my favorite Sakura print:

It's a very lovely cherry pink color with pretty sakura patterns all over:

I totally adore the level of details with Japanese products. Even the inside is lined with Sakura print cotton fabric:

And take a look at the charm piece! A mini purse charm with a Sakura logo:

"Made in Japan," always ensure quality!

Then there is this orange bag from Kiddy Land. I have been to Kiddy Land when I visited Tokyo and I absolutely love this store as they have plenty of cute toys and stationery and even I am a grown up I still love these things!

Much of the items in this bag was from Momo-chan's previous stationary haul for me in one of her recent trips at Uemeda, as I have blogged about it here. She added the neko (kitty) calender in, as I had a 2011 baby kitty calender before and I absolutely enjoy watching cute kitties on my desk everyday!

How can you pass this cute nutrition facts label? Only I wish kitty items are much cuter in this country and less retarded...

Hello Kitty collagen wash! Cuteness+skin care in one, awesome!

Finally, a pressed powder by Love Clover. I can't wait to try this as well as I have heard great things from my beauty pals. (At the same time, I wish I am not hooked with it, because it will be a hassle to ask for a CP from Japan again!)

I hope all of you have enjoyed my sharing for a recent love package from Momo-chan! If any of you have used any of the products mentioned above, please let me know how you think about those products! Thank you for reading!


Nic Nic said...

that's a HUGEEEE package, but you deserve it, you're as generous she is ^^

Beauty Box said...

WOWEEEE! It's so nice to receive things in the mail... I'm amazed that you went on Yahoo Auctions to get a discontinued SUQQU product. They look fabulous...excellent investment pieces...

Cutie Fishball said...

@nic nic- I love to spoil people and momo-chan is super nice, she is like a cosme-sister to me. it's sad to see her getting so busy these days and her internet connect has been having issues so we didn't talk as much now...

@beauty box- call me old fashion but I love receiving items in the mail.... just like a little girl!
I was actually looking to get an older palette to "complete" my collection as I heard the older SUQQU's are not glossy black but a deep burgundy. I noticed the formula on the older ones are not as silky as current ones... and yes SUQQU is such an indulgence for me.
I dont have a yahoo ID so it was nice of momo-chan to help me bid on it. I find yahoo auctions have better gems than our ebay here!!!

Diana PaperDoll said...

What a lovely haul! Great Addition items and I'm a wee bit jealous of your Visee X Smacky Glam palette, hehe. I'd wanted it a while back but had heard it was very hard to find then. Enjoy all of your goodies!

Cutie Fishball said...

@Diana PaperDoll- thank you! Momo-chan is really nice to send me that many new things to try!

Actually you can still get Visee X Smacky Glam maybe on yahoo auctions in JP as I have seen them popping up before! I am always a victim of LE items... I find it hard to resist!