Monday, June 18, 2012

SUQQU spring 2012 collection

SUQQU released their spring collection sometime earlier in February and I was lucky enough to ask a dear friend in UK to order them from Selfridge. It was a much delayed post but I would still like to post my loots here to share with everyone!

SUQQU Spring 2012 consists of: Please refer to Rouge Deluxe's post for her full description here. She has really good pictures of the exact same eyeshadow in #11 Himesango and cheeks in EX-03 Akanemizu, which is coincidentally, the same ones I picked up from this collection.

In around April I have asked my friend to purchase Blend Color Eyeshadow #11 Himesango and Nuancing Cheeks EX-03 Akanemizu (limited edition blusher) from Spring 2012 collection, as well as Blend Color Eyeshadow #04 Keshizumi from an older collection from Selfridges in UK and mail them over to the US.

The reason for hauling #04 Keshizumi is because of knowing SUQQU has already pulled out a few colors from their permanent line, I decided to get the colors I like while they are still available, before I regret.... (#5 Sakurakaba is one that I cannot get, big time regretting!!)

Picture galore:

As expected, SUQQU is the highest quality makeup that I have ever encountered, with its finely milled pressed powders and subtle color that can be layered on nicely without creating a dramatic statement.

To do them justice, I will be dedicating a seperate post for each eyeshadow and blush palette. Please stay tuned to follow these amazing little gems!

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