Monday, April 30, 2012

Authentic and Fake Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner

Yes, I became a victim of buying fake makeup items off the internet.

Since my holy grail dolly wink eyeliner is drying out on me, and my local Asian supermarket's dolly wink liquid liner went out of stock for a few weeks, I decided to purchase it over the internet...

Then I got myself in this funny mess, a very high quality replica of the dolly wink liquid eyeliner...

Let's jump right into the comparison!

On the first glance, both packaging looks highly similar, front and back:

Now, taking a closer look at the front:

Apart from subtle color differences between the authentic package and the fake package, I circled out 6 difference on the front of both packages:
1. A sentence by Tsubasa was missing and the fake one has centered the writings.
2. Image of Tsubasa Masuwaka is replaced by "24h" and missing the endorsement by Tsubasa
3. Image of the liner tip is different. The authentic one has a black plastic tip.
4. The authentic package is by KOJI while the fake one is by Fairy Girl (I thought there is a brand called Fairy Drops??)

Moving on to the back of the packaging:

Very close, both retails at 1200 yen. Differences:
1. Dorsement "Tsubasa's Favorite Point" has been removed on the fake one.
2. Entirely difference company and company addresses. The real one is made by Koji while the fake one is made by Fairy Girl. Both have company and factory address in the same citys in Chiba and Tokyo, but slightly different postal code.

Now, moving on to the actual liquid liner:

From the first glance, the most obvious difference is the real dolly wink has a black cap versus the fake one has the same pink base purple poka dots pattern. The printing seems to be a bit muted on the fake one as well.

You can see more clearly what I meant by the muted poka dots in the picture below. The dots doesn't seem to be that "high" of resolution. At the end of the pen, the real one has a hollow indentation while the fake one doesn't have a hollow. Also the fake one has a raised lip at the edge too:

On to the more interesting part. You see how messy tip of the fake one is. Ink is everywhere. The real dolly wink has a black plastic tip and the brush itself has the typical calligraphy brush tip while the fake one is a spongy felt-pen tip (I guess this means less flexible with drawing a fine line?):

Moving on to swatches. Surprisingly the fake Dolly Wink seems to be blacker and more pigmented. And I can also draw a fine line as well. Surprise...

Overall, a very interesting investigation. But I doubt if I would want to use the fake Dolly Wink as I am not sure its ingredient and having to apply eyeliner so close to my eyes I am afraid it have harmful ingredients in the liquid eyeliner.

The seller of this fake eyeliner claims it is just the same company that makes it but with a different packaging. But I think it's more than packaging. I am pretty sure this is totally BS and it's just a replica. Oh well... into the landfill it goes and money wasted!

What do you guys think about this fake dolly wink? Do leave a note :)


Arisa Chii said...

i put on my blog ^^

Cutie Fishball said...

Hi Arisa-

Thanks for stopping by! I noticed you mentioned about real and fake BB creams on your blog! It's so scary to have so much fake items out there!!!! God knows what ingredients do they put into the fake stuff!!!

Arisa Chii said...

your welcome ^^
just now alot of fake beauty stuff in shop,
and making worry
now i want post fake dolly wink
bcz i found shop sell falshie dolly wink and fake 1..

follow me ^^
i follow you back

Anna Letizia Tissa said...

OMG so sad for you...
where did you buy it ??
just share it...